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GoW Database: Invasion Leaderboard

Copied from http://ashtender.com/gems :

Invasion Leaderboard

There’s a new leaderboard available today, the Invasion Leaderboard. This leaderboard shows who has invaded the most times, and what troop they prefer. There are also PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions for those of you on those platforms.

As a reminder, to participate in any of the leaderboards, you will need to opt in via your Account page. Only one opt-in is required to participate in any of the leaderboards.

Visit your My Collection page to update your numbers when you deem it appropriate.

As always, please leave me feedback at ashenbloom@gmail.com, or via @Lyya on the official forums, if you have ideas that could improve the site.



The page renders terribly on a vertically-oriented phone. I’m looking into a fix.


Awesome addition @Lyya thank you!

@Vangor, your invasion count looks a little high on the PS leaderboard. It says you’ve done 34,000, which is about 50% more than me.

@Lyya: You might want to scratch number 4 (Tenebroleso) from that list as that user was banned for botting…

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@Lyya Nice work again :slight_smile:

What can i say @Stan? Im a gangsta!

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If you’ve done that many invasions, you should have been giving more to Crimson Sky when you were there!

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Lol it has got to be a mistake… It is the exact same number as on pc for me

I assumed as much, but couldn’t see you on the PC leaderboard. You’re a lightweight over there.

Probably some kind of account linking problem for people that play on more than one platform.


Idk… I wouldn’t say lightweight. I am rank 103… Not too shabby


Yeah I beat you! Rank 102 here.


It is; nice catch :slight_smile:


Well done @Drathas… I will make it a point to get you tho lol

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@Stan is a straight up gangsta!

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I’ll be up against it though… :thinking:

What is your actual invade count @Drathas?

Mine is 34074

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Very close! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:t2:

This is awesome @Lyya, as usual you do fantastic work. Thank you again for putting this site together and continuing to update it!

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X1 Leaderboard has a level 198 player with 63,000 invasions. I’m suspicious :unamused: