Anyone created a guide for PVP for newbies


I came to a realization today. My kingdoms are all open. Not levelled up (Adana at lv 5 the rest still at 1). And all my quests are completed in each kingdom. I am working on completing the challenges in each one and am about 50% done.

My realization was that once the challenges are done there is nothing to do but level up kingdoms by playing arenas. Unless the devs reveal another new kingdom.

This kind of forces me into the pvp portion of the game or quit. I enjoy the game and don’t want to quit but a guide to describe the pvp battles would be helpful. A little knowledge to help me decide if that portion of the game is something I want to do.



No takers? I’m surprised. This forum is a fountain of information usually. A few views but info? The main page of the GoW website doesn’t say much about the pvp.



It’s not really any different than doing the quests, or challenges except that you will run into teams made up from multiple cities. It’s harder because of how many different combinations there are and how many legendary troops are in the wild, but different? Not at all, in fact it’s the best way to make money, so give it a go, don’t wait!


Ok thanks.


Check the “share your team” threads. You’ll see many many many descriptions of strategies for PVP. Everything is pretty straight forward, you “invade” others’ teams and play against AI just as in the single player. That player may have the opportunity to “defend” him or herself later if they choose to. You also get defense victories and defeats from your AI defending, which award you various prizes, gold, glory, etc. I can help more later, tired right now :slight_smile: gnite n gl!


Well I have tried pvp. I like it so far. I am 5/5 on invades.

Now the questions.

What is revenge?
What is defend?

I’ve only picked the invade button so far.


Defend allows you to set up a team of defenders. This is the team other players will fight should they encounter you in invades.

Revenge is for battling players who have manage to defeat your defending team. It stores up to 3 players, each who will have taken a some of your uncollected gold, allowing you a chance to reclaim your lost gold.

Also it’s worth noting that your rank each week will be reset (the reset is always 3PM GMT on Mondays). At the start of the new week you will earn rewards based on what rank you got the previous week.


Thank you for the information. I am very glad I tried this portion for the game. Completely renewed the enjoyment level. Love it.

Do you have to set a defend team or does the system just use the team you use for invades?
Will you be notified when your team is beaten in an invade?

This is so much fun. Great game!


You have to set the team yourself. I believe it will default to one of your teams but can’t remember of the top of my head.

When someone has invaded you (regardless of result) the game will put a notification marker of the PVP button. When you press it a screen will pop up showing you the number of win + losses you have as well as any rewards you have earnt.


Yes, a little yellow exclamation mark will appear over the PvP button when viewing the map.

It will then tell you defense wins and losses. Wins will earn you minor rewards with minimal effort, while losses will allow you a chance at revenge, upping the rewards some for only 50 gold a fight.


Much of the content on this forum, including this excellent thread: Share your gems of war teams v1.08 & before is concerned with the PVP game really (as that’s what most of us play once the PVE stuff has run out) - so suggest a browse around too…


Thanks @Jainus.

Have been in that thread before. Tons of info! Have been playing the pvp tonight and I really enjoy it. 13/14 invades. One revenge win. Considering joining a guild now to help boost the rewards of playing this phantasmagorical game as much as I do.

Any recommendations? I play every day. My days off are usually 8 to 10 hours of playtime as long as my daughters don’t want the computer. Lol. Although it is on my phone too. :smiley:


Remember to save all yr gems and grab the dragon armor asap if you dont have it yet.


Definitely worth joining a guild. Advertise / look on the forum, or try facebook. Worth getting in one as high as you can if you can commit to contributing - some guilds have more prescriptive requirements and will kick you if you slack - others have no requirements!


I have a long way to go to get Dragon Armour but I’m definately hanging onto them for that.

Thanks @Jainus and @MissPupu


Is there any way perhaps for the xbox that we may have the ability to set our defense weapon separate from our current weapon (the one we are using in arena say)? My problem is when I set my team, my hero’s weapon is perfect for that team. I go to do an arena, get some defeats in the meanwhile, and I go look at my defense team, has wrong weapon :frowning: (the one I’m using in the arena, not what I set it as). Minor issue, but kind of tedious nonetheless.


yes. if you make more than one team then you can set a weapon specific to each team seperatly


Yes I suppose that’s a workaround. Doesn’t exactly address the issue I’m speaking of, however. If I set my kingdom to Ghulvania and use the Ghulvania banner, my defense team is using the Ghulvania banner, and has been set in Ghulvania to defend. So then I go over to arena battle, and my team is not synergistic with my hero weapon. I change it to the appropriate weapon, still using the Ghulvania banner, and voila, now my defend team magically has the weapon. This has to be an oversight by the devs or I’m just not understanding something :stuck_out_tongue: