My defense losses have stopped

I was winning about 20% of my defense matches, but I haven’t lost a single match since yesterday evening.

Nothing has changed on my defensive team in the last day, other than maybe +1 health.

Anyone else noticing anything weird going on with defense?

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Yup, I got that too, my defense loss counter suddenly stopped at 53, only my win counter keeps counting…

Aww. Here I thought my defense suddenly became magically impenetrable.


Same here, and I had JUST changed my defense team too :frowning:

This also puts a dampener on the other thread posted today showing a 100% win rate up to Tier 1.

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Attack-wise, 100% win to tier 1 is definitely possible. Defense, well…

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Yeah, which is why it seemed great (both 100% invade and defense) till everyone realised that they aren’t getting any more defense losses…

Oh hey, yeah, I should probably read the thread you mentioned.

Was grinding my arse through PvP tonight, so my head’s kind of mush. On the plus side, broke Rank 10 (for however many microseconds I can stay there at). Had to fight @esslee for the last few points. :wink:


Congrats! I’m going to have to do my grind over the weekend. I’ve gotten to Tier 10 in breaks from study etc, but got some deadlines coming up tomorrow meaning I haven’t had as much time to play as I’d like.

I know the brain mush feeling, I had that last week after getting to Tier 1 from 15 in one sitting.

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