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Positive defensive score

I seem to be the only positive defensive score on the top 100…

Do i win a prize? :DDD

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Well, I could see if the game keeps throwing you my way again. You kept showing up all day yesterday.

that is because i beat you like 4 times yesterday in invades :smiley: im sure we are close to rivals!

What is that?

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Likewise. Heck you even showed up on Casual for me. More amusing too since our teams were similar too (I switched the Bat for an extra Soothsayer on offense.)

it means i have more defensive wins then losses

yea, just lost my 100 win streak to a maw/mercy/mab/bonedrag lucky double skull cascade/devour

I know. It is unheard of in my neck of the woods. It surprises me how differently the game is among the levels. Nevertheless, congratulations on your feat. :grin:


ty, i should get an award :smiley:

RNGeezus is on your side. I’ve seen that many players have the same defend team as you. I’ve beaten that exact team. It is in the hands of the selection process of who battles you. You’ve been lucky that higher level players haven’t drawn your team more thereby giving you the defense score you have.

:wink: not luck, its ALL MY AI SKILLZ


It’s not luck. :wink:

It’s because for mid/high level players @Justakid always appears in the bottom 2 slots because he’s level 200 or something so he’s almost always being attacked by low level players rather than having large numbers of quick wins ground out on his defense team by the high level grinders.

He’s in the top box for me and gets me extra glory. Definitely an auto click for me though I’m sure by the time I log in again he’ll show up as a defense defeat again.

its always back and forth with rivals lol…

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yeah higher levels seem to be different. I never seen you once I don’t think in pvp, but anyhow grats @Justakid

I’m in @Justakid’s position this week. Barely holding onto a winning record this week and hoping it can stay like that through Monday. May not win the top spot but may win something…

yea i got totally wrecked this week lol… 51 wins 100 losses :smiley:

I’m 103-92 this week. Last night I was 6 under so somehow I went +17 today (21-4 so far). Weirdest thing I’ve seen since I never thought the AI would play that well.

Well four and a half hours left and my winning record is getting pretty small. Should still end up with the best record for the week but hoping it stays on the positive side so we’d have that back to back.

You are my sons fave Revenge-Rival match. Always a good payout :grin:

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