Strange +1 defense wins

What is going on? Why do this happens sometimes?

What exactly happened? Your defense lost to a guy with an iffy name?

Excusez-moi ?

Idk whats happenin but i know techn9neee hes cool lol

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You are all missing Eika’s point being that he only gets “+1” for every defense win

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I dont hablas the espan-yol

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I just find it a little strange to see the same person invading me so rapidly, and I have like the worst defense team there is, I should not have won in first place. So most probably a bug?

I didnt miss it hence the “idk whats happenin” part😎

Got me confused with the other part ^^’


Yeah that happens to me too from time to time… Its weird to be sure

Yeah just very strange, happens here from time to time also. Possibly a strange bug?

@Zelarith my bad… I wuz just being silly😀

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@Eika, there is another thread where this has been happening to others.

Nothing concrete from a dev to why it’s happening tho.

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And this is a SS from a friend who wanted to stay anonym. Very strange bug.

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I posted in the other thread that I had the same thing happen to me when I switched to a joke defence team. When I saw 2 level 1000+ players seemingly unable to beat it, and me getting only 1 point each time they lost, I knew something was wrong. As Macawi says, no updates from a dev on this. In my case, it seemed to have something to do with at least one of the other players doing casual PVP and yet somehow still interacting with my battle log (although they never actually battled me).

It really undermines my confidence in my defence stats, but is otherwise inconsequential.


I still hope we will get an answer about this, and why this is happening. I do not like to swim in too much of speculations…


Unlike the mathmath person invading me (and others), I know @en9nhcet occasionally visits the forums. Hopefully they can offer some additional insight.

I am 99% sure what is happening is casual invades appear on defenders as wins for 1 point. Easy 1 trophy, meh gold, but you probably have 1 troop defence, meaning it’s super fast. Also, only 50 gold to refresh for a new opponent.

The devs have not responded about this “feature”.

But it’s _Tech_nically legit ^^ Also had other people invade multiple times in a row.

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Intrim and Intrim II were just looking at this very issue because we kept seeing the +1 also from random opponents, and often repeatedly. We think it may be related to casual PVP. When Player A beats Player B in casual PVP, Player B often (always?) gets a 1-point ranked defense win. We would love to see if others can corroborate this too, so that it can be nailed down and fixed if it’s not intended.

Edit: Beaten by Scala :grin:

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If you’re associated with Intrim II, we can test this. I currently have tojop on my list of possible casual opponents. If you tell me when they’re typically active, I will try to do a casual invade during that time period.

This doesn’t resolve the issue of multiple such “victories” in less than one minute, though.