PVP Defense Variety Agreement Plz

Guys, seeing that almost every PvP battle I run into now has either the Great Maw, Queen Mab, Mercy, and/or any combinations of the above, can we set up a sort of a gentleman’s agreement to NOT use them as your DEFENDER Team please?

Don’t get me wrong. I love using those combo teams when I am plowing through the PvP rank for my rampant trophy runs. But seriously, is there really a need to put them on your Defense team as well? At least, I don’t think you can lose any PvP Ranking points from failed Defense battles… can you?

There are literally thousands of possible team combos you can choose in this game. Let’s try to liven up the PvP experience with some varieties in battle opponents please?


We lose points that’s why this madness spreads


I only lose 2-3 points per Defend loss and because of that I’ve kept my defense from pre-2.0


Wut crazy madness is this!
Fine… at least, if you know you have NO Chance and/or no interest of making it into the Leadership Board, then please change your Defense Team. Think of the children, guys~

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I lose 6 points a defend loss, and that is upwards to 10 losses an hour. Not willing to be farmed and/or play more games to simply stay in the top 100.

You are a good person, @CSZ.
God Bless You

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I’ve changed mine… @ctu1208

@Koolbiird would if make that much difference? Mawmercy team has 10% win rate, others have 1% win rate, yes, but you’d only lose say 5-10 defence wins a week tops… Which is only worth say <100 points… Which is barely two extra games…


You are focusing on wins. Those who attempted and failed. There are no numbers for those players who skipped you because of your defense. You two can be farmed all you want. This game is too easy anyway. Great Maw is the first speed bump i have seen in 300 levels of play. I RARELY lose, and the same goes for everyone else.

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…actually I changed mine earlier, before I saw this thread… and was thinking of starting a similar thread…

@Koolbiird I really don’t think it makes much difference… especially with Spirit Fox available, few players skip fights I think… oh well, each to their own… Though I feel: It’ll make sod-all difference to the game and my stats, why not try not to make the game dull and less fun for everyone…

There is that “fun” again. “Fun” is subjective. I like a challenge. I don’t skip Maw teams. I believe the devs have gotten Maw’s third trait under control as I have not been devoured as much.

You also speak of “everyone”. We make up the smallest percentage of the total player base. No one cares about this, but a few grains of sand in the desert.

How many topics have you made about this game voicing your dislike about this or the other? If your stats didn’t matter so much then why is your pride so crushed?

How about I say what you won’t you admit…

“I can’t steamroll all of the teams anymore so the game sucks now.”


Lastly, you take out Great Maw and sub-in Kerberos. Very creative. LOL.

Sorry, I didn’t mean that to be nasty. Just that it wasn’t in the spirit of the community we could have going here. I appreciate not everyone wants the same thing from that.

The rest of your post is a bit much, but I shan’t respond, as I guess my post riled you, which I didn’t mean. Apologies.


That escalated… Quickly.

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I am not riled at all. I present a counter-argument and you back pedal.

Doing my best to have it de-escalate… @Koolbiird we’ve said our (opposed) bits, let’s let others have a chance…

It’s an open forum. I am not keeping anyone from sharing their thoughts. This community isn’t communist.

There is no escalation.

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Even if I wanted, I couldn’t. I don’t even have Maw or Mab.

But I won’t put them in a defense team ever :wink:

You are escalating it again. As my presence here seems to provoke you into being rude, I shall stay away from this one.

Wow, everyone is so nice and friendly in this thread, makes me want to join in…

Anyway, I never used any of the mentioned troops in my defense team, and I don’t plan to. I’m perfectly happy with my current defense team.

I don’t even find Maw that attractive to use for either invade or defense, though I do enjoy fighting against it, and honestly, if there were no more Maw defenses around for me to fight, it might make me a bit sad (just a bit, nothing major. you guys carry on).

Ok i’ve made a new defend team :sunglasses: