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Lost TWO Tiers in 1.5 hour Defense period :(

I don’t have time to play GoW all day, so it was rather unsettling to notice today that every time I shut off my tablet, be it merely for 10 minutes, I lost another 3 Defense battles. I wasn’t really paying much heed until I saw that I’d lost a Tier which I had gained an hour earlier.

I had ELEVEN Defense battles lost in a row. I dropped from Tier 9 to Tier 10. When I checked back in my screenshots, I realized I had also gone from Tier 11 to Tier 12 yesterday, too.

I’ve fought 3 battles just to get back to Tier 9 right now. My stats now claim the A.I. lost 17 defense games on my behalf. Considering it took me 34 long battles to reach Tier 1 last week, having to fight another hour of battles to make up for the loss of progress does not seem gratifying nor fair.

Here’s the start of the PvP week with a clean slate:

And here’s what my Tier score was immediately after reaching Tier 9:

Upon reaching a new Tier, it wasn’t obvious what actual rewards were received, given that I’d had one or two simultaneous Defense battles during my actual PvP battle:

But it soon became clear that I was rapidly losing Tiers (and rank) whenever I left the game to do actual work…

Under 1.09, after losing a PvP battle we’d always lose Stars, but we never lost actual Ranks/ Tiers. Seriously?!

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I believe that defenses should remain as a method for revenge, only. Maybe heighten the rewards to compensate the feeling like we’re missing out on rating from defenses.

Can you get an screenshot of the battle log showing all the loss?

I was going to say the log pic is posted above, but I forgot to put up the first screenshot from the log when I first noticed the problem (6 losses in a row). Here it is:

Hmm, strange. The loss-win PvP situation seems to be even more dire for me right now. Last week, I was winning 3 to 4 games for every match where I got trounced. This included some games where the A.I. wiped out my gang after powering up its entire team on move 4…

This week, I am losing 4 battles for every 1 that I win. I’m losing with both a control deck AND with a exploder deck that has targeted damage. MY impression was that the difficulty level of PvP was equivalent to playing the questline on “Hard” difficulty.

But right now the PvP matchup feels a lot like “Warlord II” level of difficulty. I don’t know why. The only difference between my teams this week and last week is that I gained +2 Attack in PVP. So maybe the enemy A.I has scaled upwards in difficulty depending on your level and team strength.

Yup, same here. There is definitely something wrong. Last week, same team, won most of the battles.
Now, I’ve rarely got win, most of them are loses, and not just one, but 9 in a row (5 when I was sleeping)! :confused:

I feel your pain. I got to tier one on the second day of the event, only to lose a tier overnight. I think the ability to lose something in defense is good, since it means you have an incentive to put up a good defense team, but it doesn’t make sense to be able to lose a tier

Worth noting that last week there was a bug/feature that prevented defense losses and only counted wins. So teams would have appeared to have a very good defense rate, which might not have been indicative of their actual performance.

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Also, since those screens were captured, we’ve been tuning the points, and it’s unlikely those amounts of points would be lost now.

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Also you guys that have said you are feeling like there was a difficulty spike, It’s probably just the RNG paying tricks on you. I’ve been there before!

Is there any discussion about not letting losses take people down a tier? Or are you guys satisfied with the incentivization to keep playing and build a buffer?

It was so dumb that losses wouldn’t drop you down a tier. Please don’t go back to that system. It makes zero sense, and I for one am glad we got rid of the easy mode where you could play 20 battles and get the best rewards with no downside.

Not really. We wanted it to work like this all along, but we felt it was unfair if you reached tier 3, got knocked down to tier 4, and then only collected tier 4 rewards at the end of the week. The new system gives the weekly tier rewards as you go, which is nice.

Also, we’ve tuned the points now so that you’re not losing nearly so many, so even if you lose a BUNCH of matches while you’re not playing for a day (also very unlikely, since you rotate out of the pvp lists if you don’t fight for a while, AND since you can only officially “lose” a defense once every 10 minutes), 1-2 wins is pretty much going to put you back where you were.

Oh, and ALSO keep in mind that defensive WINS can move you UP a tier! It happened to me today actually.


And I can verify this as when I signed in I saw I had 5 losses (ouch). But 1 win against my far right opponent and I had recouped all the points lost.

(Then went on to beat 4 more just have a win for each loss.)



I seem to have 3 defense defeats in 9 minutes.

In 1 hour 9 minutes since it will say 1 hour even if it was 1 hour 50 minutes.

yes, they seem to round off after one hour. But I didn’t realize that til after I made the post.

Now that defense points have been tuned down (both for wins and losses, in my limited sample), I retract my earlier worry. A single human-controlled victory is worth as many points as many, many AI-led defeats. It’s a lot easier to build up that buffer I was talking about.

Though I would still like to see the defense point losses increased for people who are in the top 1000, and maybe also the PVP point gains increased!

I, obviously, wouldn’t… being level 1001 (and high on the leaderboard) doesn’t make me any more likely to win defence matches than the next player…

Do you mean increased for high level players? Not sure that would go down well (though I personally wouldn’t mind)

In my head this is a smoothly varying function of player rank that is sharply peaked at the top of the leaderboard. The function y(X) = 21,600/(X+48)^2 + 1 equals 10 when X=1 (the highest-ranked player) and 1.02 when X=1000. So there would be basically no change in points at the lowest rewarded rank, and a 10-times increase in points lost at the highest rank.

This would make it harder to stay on top, but offer zero change at the bottom.

I meant that PVP point gains would be increased when attacking players at high ranks. Change the 21,600 into a 1,600 in my above function and people get a 66% bonus for attacking the person at rank 1.

I can appreciate that people who are currently rank 1 might not like these suggestions. :stuck_out_tongue: