Are you serious?

After a quick calculation (and the assumption that I do not lose any defense games…yeehah)
I saw that I need about 27 hours to get to Tier 1.

Now lets assume that some games are lost…for every 10 games I win on invade, I lose one on defense.
With the current numbers, thsat would mean I lose about half of the progress.

That means I need about 54 hours to get to Tier 1.

I think you should greatly reconsider your new PvP system as the current numbers clearily indicate at least I will lose interest immediately

(Base of calculation: per win (after a while: 4 points, 5 minutes per game…need about 1300 points if I rate the range from 600 to end of 1900 correctly) → 325 games played equals 1625 minutes → roughly 27 hours)


They are fixing the numbers, and the large amount of people all at one is creating havoc with the system.

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I’d rather we just get the old system back. This new BS is garbage. Quite frankly, I’m done with this game. Met some cool people, but it’s so P2W now. If I can, I’m deleting this forum account, and I will be deleting the game. Have fun, everyone!

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Considering how the closer you started to 1.0.6 the more pay to win you seem to be especially even though you have spent no money on this game. I am not pay-to-win or pay to progress yet i look like i spent $200 easily.

I know the dev team is working on it, but I actually agree. As a high-level player, I feel like I would need to be playing 24/7 to be competitive in ranked PvP. That’s just not fun. I think I’ll be sticking to casual PvP, despite the fact that (I feel) I have both skill and solid teams.

As an aside: It’s really frustrating to slug out a win, just to exit the screen and see the PvP rank decrease because I lost one defense to a low-ranked player. There’s no way for a high-rank defense to be bulletproof, and we get penalized very heavily for it.


Yeah I’m in the same boat, wonky is an understatement right now


I agree completely.

I really hope this gets fixed, 'cause right now the new PVP system is exponentially worse than the old system…

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i agree with ya @Lyya . and @Darkness
not to fond of what I have seen so far. and just going to call it a early night and hope things are fixed tomorrow

I’d like to have some more insights about the matchmaking and score system before giving an opinion. We have also been told that in the beginning the matchmaking and numbers can look weird, so lets wait what happens in the next 24 hours, but it is really strange to see the top ranking filled with lower level players.

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Well I just saw my team score drop so something is being tweaked.

As for the ranking, I’m level 97 and in the top 50 for now. Why? Because with the point boosts and adjustments, I’m getting people close to my level and team strength. Occasionally a high rank team shows up. I skip them and go for 1 of the other 2. So by beating on my peers, I’m able to score relatively quickly.

That and the Crimson Bat I just pulled. 2 castings and 95% of everyone I’ve seen is dead.

i stated before release that i dont think the new PvP System will work but i wanted to test it before i say it sucks…

now i just confirm my first statement - not only that the numbers (that will be fixed) are just unfair, its just not fair for low level players that i can choose them (i am 135 and get some easy opponents with lvl ~50), wreck them, and they loose points…

same for me when i get invaded by lvl 300++
u did 3-5 Matches, got your points - after 2 hours half of the points are gone because your defense lost against higher levels!
and then u get the possibility to revenge them and loose again :rage:

i dont like the new system, you can say i dont like every PvP with any kind of ranked system - but i hope they change it somehow → soon^^

I would say that the defence point loss should be a constant and not dependent on the levels of you and the invader.

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Maybe staying with casual battles wasn’t that bad of a choice it seems…

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I have a losing streak and had to stop the moment it showed all goblins in the window.

Bear in mind you’re getting the same rewards as before just for getting to 1600 points or so. Anything beyond that for either your flat points, or for the weekly rewards, is a bonus over what you used to get. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems like it’ll take a few more battles to get to 1600, but not nearly as many as I was already playing every week.

Sure, it sucks we can’t all be #1, but that’s not a reason not to play at all. The rewards seem very good to me, even when maintaining not-crazy play.

It’s also clear that the Gold payouts are better in Ranked, so I see no reason to go Casual whatsoever.

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The glory reward is sure higher but harder to get, I might slip into casual pvp.

I advise to not play ranked pvp at all at the moment. Why would I play 100 games to gain 3 tiers when it hopefully gets fixed and the same 100 games get you far more pvp points? Unless it is working as intended - I’d advise to not play anymore at all.

Is this actually the case though? I don’t think I’ve seen any official word on it.

See in the Known Issues Post:

I dont think needing about 500 matches to get to tier 1 is intended, it would be a super huge increase regarding the 30 matches it used to take every monday evening.

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The #1 ranked person has 2900 points and 100 battles. Everyone that has 1900+ has 50-100 battles. As I said, you might have to play a little more to get the same rewards as before, but the max tier rewards are very reasonable. I expected it to be more than 100 battles personally, especially since the most active folks average 200+.