Please Devs WAKE UP and do something!

I know it’s not the first thread about this but i don’t care i will make a new one cause this stupid pvp points need to change.

No callout here, i post this screenshot just to show the nonsense of the situation. Look at # #50 and #49… 827 battle and 541!!! This is a gap of 286 FIGHTS.

Now i got couple questions

  • how do you think this system is fair for everyone?
  • why # 49 “time” worth more than #50?

Please don’t tell me their fights take longer and are harder to win, cause this is BS. With the x4 speed and all the fast teams you can create without any mythic, this isin’t true anymore.

So i beg you DEVS , even if i know you don’t give a s*** about pvp. Please do something and rework the pvp system so it will be fair to everyone and so we could all enjoy playing.


The person at #50 is playing the easiest or second easiest battles. Person at #49 is playing the hardest battles.

Look at the 3 options of who to battle when you play PvP and look at out many points they are each worth.


Seriously? Lol ty for the info i started to play last night, i really had no idea how it work…

For your info im getting 31 points for 3 trophy fight while other get 75+ points for the same battle against same meta teams.

Soon i will get more points for a defense win than invasion win…

So please explain to me how it is fair?


Monday I worked my way tediously up to rank 72, having a day off work to play a few extra hours. I signed off for 2 hours…logged back in to find myself at rank 285. That’s a bit ridiculous.
I too am getting as low as 27 to 28 points for 3 trophy wins. In fact, 2 trophy scores not much lower for less effort.


@Kafka i can’t believe you liked his post! Lol you know im not a beginner, i wouldn’t create a thread about this issue if i didin’t know what im talking about :slight_smile:


Well… actually in this case Kafka might be right to like that post.

3T matches range somewhere between 30 and 70 points. I don’t play a lot of 2T matches, but I think they average 20-30 points. 1T I won’t even guess. But if you look at a person’s average points, you can sort of tell if they’re predominantly doing 2T matches because you simply can’t average lower than 30 points if you’re doing 3T only. (Or at least, I’ve never seen proof of a level > 1000 player getting a 3T match for less than 30 points.)

#49 in this screenshot is averaging roughly 60 points, which strongly implies they are playing 3T matches (and being heavily helped by the game, probably by their guild not completing statues.) #50 in this screenshot is averaging more like 22 points per match. There is no way they’re playing 3T matches. Instead, it’s very likely what Marlox said is right: they are playing 2T or 1T matches and hoping their speed makes up for the points gap.

(I’m not accounting for the points lost due to losses or defense wins/losses, but they are trivial compared to the wins here so I don’t think they make a huge difference.)

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Of couse the devs like people posts .Its easier then fixing all the crap thats broken in this game.


@Slypenslyde alright i agree it was a bad exemple, but compare #48 with me then, i got 120 more battle, and i always make 3tr fight and he still got a 2k lead on me

My 3t battle results 1 minute ago .


If you are in a top rank guild and high level you get less points. There is nothing to gain from leaderboard anyway if you are high level in a top guild. You can’t need arcades still. The lower rank people or ones in low rank guilds need all the help they can get IMO.

Let say we both work at the same place and we doing exactly the same job. You work 40h/week and i do 60h/week but at the end of the week you get +200$ than me. Would you think it’s still fair?

The problem isin’t the LB rewards, i know they suck, if i just want to reach tier one i will need to play 3x more than people who get 75+ for the same result. I play since day 1 and the more i play, the less my play time worth, and it’s where it doesn’t make sense imo


They changed it in 4.3 so it’s even more lop sided than before. And the fact they refuse to comment on why they felt it was necessary is really shitting me to be honest. No mention in patch notes of course.


I was on this during day 1 of the change. Since it only effects a minority of the players. Most of which are already addicted to the game. They don’t need to weigh in on it. It was an intended change to ruin ranked PvP for those effected. We were too happy with the game after the DE nerf. So it was necessary to nerf moral by showing us how much they don’t care about their veteran players. And if you’re a dev and are offended by me saying those words. Don’t tell me how much you care, show us… Any changes the past 2 years “for the vets” has been to take our gems and hopefully our money. Otherwise, most of the changes to how we play the game have been one kick to the head followed by another. We only have so much to give devs before you bleed us dry. If you believe you have a sustainable enough business plan to withstand our unhappiness and eventual departure due to us being taken advantage of… you don’t. We are as important as your servers. Don’t believe me? Time will change my opinion into a fact if you keep doing what you’re doing.
For 2.5 years I’ve been saying with every change… I’m happy as long they don’t Frank with my PvP. Well, you 4.3cked with my PvP.

Btw… I’m still getting spammed by notifications about PvP for 5 months now. But who cares if I and (at least) 50 other players are reminded 3-4 times a day about how much they don’t matter to you. How a notification that no one wants is more needed than we are. “We’ll be aight right?” Yeah… We will… But will this game and your company? The small things roll into the big things that eventually kill games. If a game thrives on micro transactions. It’s the micro annoyances that end it.
… So congratulations, you now get to join the neglected community of the player base.


Regardless of the fact that 1/2/3-trophy fights give out different points and scores can differ wildly as a result of that

It is common knowledge that some people only gain half the rewards as others for matches of the same tier. Which is totally stupid. And I should make a few threads like this myself.


I seem to be getting more gold per battle, occasionally a bit over 2000 which I don’t think I ever got before.

That seems to be part of the “secret” scoring formula. There’s now a very thin line where matches are worth an “average” amount of gold/points, with the amount dropping/increasing very significantly within a very short range to both sides of that line. It looks like it might be possible shift the line a bit into either direction by exploiting the formula, which would have a major impact on your PvP yield, I haven’t done any detailed testing yet though.

This one is explainable (and other people have) but I’ll explain a teeny bit more technically.

What the devs wanted to implement is a system that gives you more points for fighting in harder battles. Unfortunately the biggest factor of “hard battle” they measure is to compare your stats to the opponent’s stats. You’re level 1500. He’s level 1000. You’ve probably received a lot more stats through kingdom power than he has. Your guild probably finished all the statues. His didn’t.

So he has much lower stats than you, and more of his fights are “hard” in the game’s eyes, and he’s able to average many more points per battle than you. Your only recourse is “fight in more battles.”

It’s a really bad system for assigning points. I saw complaints about it more than a year ago. Nobody cared back then because it only affected very high level players and there were only a few. Now there are a lot more “very high level players” and there’s a lot more complaining. Don’t stop complaining. It’s not a fair competition.


I know how the system work but it’s very poorly designed and it’s what i am trying to ask in this thread, i want a more accurate way to calculate the points because the game might see it as harder fights but it’s not the case, they probably got faster battle than me since they don’t see as much meta team than me.

The #1 on xbox as over 1200 battles done, not counting the 300+ losses, so don’t tell me they need 2-3 minutes to complete a battle because it’s wrong

When i started playing, i could reach tier 1 in 30 min, now i need 1h30+ for the same work. Something suppose to be easier for me actually take longer to accomplish…


It would be nice to just set the points to a fixed amount per tier… 30,45, 60… or let every one have the same points until they reach their Tier 1 ranking… that way it wouldn’t take 2x the battles to reach tier 1 for us higher levels…



I just came here to RIP on the PVP system. Everything has already been said a bunch of times so I wont repeat. Just here for player support! Oh and seriously 4x speed across the board when clicking a skill ahead of time and animation toggle in options. I’ve posted all these things numerous times with bo response. Sigh, see everyone in a few when someone else posts about PVP issues.