An incorrect number of trophies and money

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Hello, I have a little problem, my trophies and money last week and, perhaps, but I can’t know for sure even a weak defense in PVP, until now I have not had as many losses as now, even though I was on a much better place than it is now, in the first hundred of the rankings, we can do something about it, very much thank you in advance. My name here is the same as in the game.

More about Defenders, now I have a lot of setbacks in defense, and last week I had no, from the beginning of the new pvp, but I guess it’s okay, perhaps there really those flashcards, what I have given.

Now me again to change the nerds, the Tier rewards do not load and I am not getting it, I’m on level 10 and I guess I didn’t get anything out of it.