Amazing victories!

I just had 10 defense victories with 0 losses since the time I went to sleep last night and now.

Never had that many attacks at once, and also never had that many wins with no losses! Was pretty excited!


How bout sharing that uber defense team?

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Nothing fancy! Just a dragon team! I think they are all still level 15 also, and none have traits.

It was really a fluke, my defense usually only gets me like 50% wins!

What’s the advantage to winning a defense battle? All you’re getting is a handful of souls out of it. It seems much more advantageous to have a week defense team that loses (and maybe farms gold), then Revenge after the loss. At least Revenge gets you additional gold and souls at certain thresholds.

I never bother with revenge honestly. You also get glory from wins which is nice :wink:

That is thing of the past though when invading cost half of the gold you’d get as reward(before modifications) and revenges were cheap with just 50 gold. Now a revenge isn’t really any more efficient than just invading, so defence rewards are just bonus stuff without doing work.

Except the bonus gold for every 15 revenges. Not sure what the base is, with my armor I get like 4k gold.

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I am not sure how much gold 15 defence wins give(my all giant defence doesn’t get many :confused:) but i don’t think 4k gold outweighs the gold/key/soul/gems rewards from 15 defence wins.

if you lose you get 1 glory then 3 more for the revenge for a total of 4… where if you win you get less

Bah! Logic means nothing to me!

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I see little difference between invade and revenge battles except that you can’t skip opponent on revenges… Which for me makes them undesirable now: invading I hit about 1/3 goblins, 1/3 trueshot, 1/3 other… Revenging I hit about 95% trueshot teams…

But you still have to play the revenge which takes just the time you’d spend on an invade instead.
So it is defence win+1 invade vs defence loss+1 revenge… the difference is small anyways but actually winning your defences should prove overall better rewards.

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