A Team that Wins Defenses

Hello everybody, I’m glad and questionning at the same time, I have a Team that wins about 4 of 5 defenses, and I was wondering if it’s really a good thing or if I should leave some crap like most players do to get revenges ?

Under the current system, there are far more benefits to having revenge wins rather than straight up defense wins. Once the new PvP is implemented on consoles, the reverse would be more true.

The updated PvP is still at least 2 updates away though.

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Thanks for your answer.

Personally though, I like defense wins cause that meant I put up something that was solid enough for the computer to handle. Yes I get less rewards, but seeing the win is pretty satisfying.

Take this time to find good Defense teams though, they WILL be essential in the future!

That’s a pretty impressive win rate. My best team is maybe at 50%, but it seems pretty streaky (sometimes doesn’t win at all for a few days, then wins 5 of the next 6). A smart player that scouts my team wouldn’t have any trouble dismantling it, but if you walk in blind, you could be in for a surprise.

It is satisfying to get wins, but I’m thinking of switching back to my “short bus” team to generate more revenges. If the system would at least give you progress on defenses (where you get a reward for every 15 revenges) when your defence team wins, then I think that would be fair.

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Whenever I get revenges they’re worth less than 500 so I just ignore them unless it’s for the 5 revenge tasks

If you like doing the console tasks (hint you should for the rewards alone!). You’ll want to have a soft Defense team that can be rolled quickly. Save your defeats so that you have 3 of them ready to go when the “Win 5 Defense” task pops up.

As has been mentioned, much later the consoles will get the 2.0 PvP changes, and you will want to win. So by then you will probably will just want to run Maw, Mab , etc like everyone else on the planet.

Actually that defense team kinda ‘‘filters’’ who I’m revenging or not :grinning: As i can invade a lot, it saves me a bit of time.

Goblins on defence is failing me so i might change to a worm based defence when i get the last earth minors

I tried a worm-based team for a couple weeks. Got zero wins, so I dismantled it. I had Gorgotha, Rock worm (fully traited), Rock worm, Acolyte (2 traits). Maybe that wasn’t the best worm team, but most of the time it wasn’t even getting a single kill. My new team went 5 and 3 yesterday, so that’s 5 more wins in a day than my rockworm team got in 2 weeks…

try my special ‘‘farm heroes saga’’ team and see if it wins.
How to build it ? 4 peasants ! :grin:

Sasdly it is more powerful than my goblin team, me sad face.