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Downside to Defense Losses?

Is there any downside to losing when you defend? I believe I’ve read that you lose some cash from what you haven’t collected yet, but that’s all I’ve seen. What else happens?

(I ask because I’m thinking of fielding an undead team to help others out with the event; I haven’t paid any real attention to cards I’m not using, so my undeads are all pretty worthless.)

You also lose some PVP points, though not much unless things have changed lately.

Eh, I’m okay with that - already got my tiers out of the way, don’t really care much about rank or anything now - just farming gold for my kingdoms (and trophies for the guild).

I think the “losing uncollected gold” thing is outdated information. It used to be that the gold you won from invading was based on how long it had been since the player had collected gold, which made for very profitable morning PVP and not so profitable evening play. They changed that some months ago, and I think that change made it so you don’t lose money to invaders, either.

AFAIK you just lose a few points. People will make fun of you and girls won’t go out with you if your defense falls below 20% win rate though.


I’m married, so I’m used to both of those :slight_smile:


The Easter Bunny and Santa Claus won’t visit you, either.

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Okay. Back to Bone Dragon and Manticore it is then.


if you loose on defense - your overall win rate will drop , thats something unfixable a long shot

and thats the only downside to def loses that i find worth paying attention to at all

TLDR: there’s no real downside.

Some would argue there’s quite the upside: more revenge battles - hence you see lots of one troop or weak defences.


That was the main thing I’d thought too; before this event, I’d started thinking about going along with that pattern too.