Souls and gold from defense?

Just wondering whether gold /souls that our defense team gain via abilities is gained upon defense victory/defeats?
Thanks :slight_smile:

Though you won’t get much. People have a tendency not to die :slight_smile:

I thought we only get the souls from kills and gold from matches?

That;s what I thought, but somewhere on the forum I read that it was otherwise.

you get souls from defense if the ai kills an enemy and you get gold if the ai gets a match four or more and you get a map if the ai gets a cascade of 7?ish or more and you get glory for someone fighting your defence team 1 for the fight or 3 for a fight and win. Key are random and so are gems but it can happen.

I think he meant whether we get to keep the Gold/Soul from abilities such as Alchemist/Valkyrie.
I briefly tested it before, but didn’t go too deep into it. From what I can see before 1.0.8, the answer is No =(