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Can't wait for PvP2.0

Finally will stop getting matched up with, and forced to fight, the “1 Trophy” opponents.

I don’t like easy wins where a single cast of Rowanne can clear a whole team. If I wanted that, I can grind Challenges (soon Explore).

What are everyone’s feelings on the new PvP? Improvement or not? You expect to excel? How about the leaderboards?

I played some of the new pvp using my fiances low level account and liked it. Even without spying, it assigns a numerical value based on level and traits to your team and the opponents. And you have three choices of opponents, so you can usually avoid the really tough or really easy ones.

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I’ve tried it out too, also on my wife’s account, and I agree with you on every point.

The leaderboard is interesting, I’d to see who are the most active players on PS4

Id like all my extra lifes on the treasure maps on a single turn added rather than just getting 1 lol

I expect at least 5 from our guild will be on the leaderboard, maybe more.

I am most looking forward to 3 trophy matches for ALL THE GOLD (and secretly hoping difficulty still gives modifier bonuses w/o the difficulty increase >_>) If it works the way i expect it to I should get at least 1k before modifiers per opponent.

EDIT: I realize gold is nigh useless after the guild patch comes in, but until then I plan to farm as much as I can to make the most out of guild rewards once pvp patch hits.

Iam looking forward to this update.This will show who the real players of the game are.Happy days.

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Disagree completely, maybe its cause youve played this game dead with your 19842739587235 mythic troop collection but for regular players it feels alot better when “pvp” isnt a struggle. I dont mind a tougher match now and then but in my (and most players ive read from) experience its the other way around, were constantly matched against players that have maxed out all kingdoms etc while our cards are still low.

This game needs some changes sure… maybe there should be two different pvp qeues, one for endgame ‘i have everything maxed’ players and for everyone else.

You’ll get “Easy-Normal-Hard” options now, plus Ranked and Casual categories

Easy mode confirmed

Yeah well talk again when you breeze through witcher 3 on deathmarch like im doing atm.

Talk to me when you have competed internationally you armchair warrior

im a pc player but pre 2.0 i was actually still struggling in pvp not being a ‘mythic’ no lv10 kingdoms etc, the 2.0 actually tries to match you with more balanced enemies, althought i think in the end it ended not too much more balanced then the way it was before… so still weird level range and the higher level range the higher your level raises, so just from my feeling about it i would say dont expect much changes in the matching system, the other thing is gold gained and all the tier rewards - thats something i would say is worth to look into :))

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PvP 2.0 is matched by Team Power, Player Level is only a part of that calculation

Tier rewards are great, but so is more Glory and WAY more Trophies

i know what pvp 2.0 is matched from, the factors that are influencing the team power (not from the team power directly), and the player level too, but the thing is its also matched from your pvp activity which means a high level who is near you in the pvp table (or whatever calculates in the pvp activity that would fit the calculations) can be still matched with you which means in practice that it will be similiar feeling to what u got pre 2.0, i only simplified that (or tried to) in the previous post

Yet that high-level is either the Hard option or is close to you in Team Power. So either it’s a fair fight, or a 3-Trophy fight you have no business Invading

Your 3 trophy offer could be a huge whale. However, your 1 trophy is not. So, the choice makes PVP 2.0 quite different from the old PVP in that regard.

to me 2.0 turned out to be fun while pre 2.0 was actually frustrating and a little stressfull (i was stressed/frustrated over loosing stars and loosing win strike with the randomity of enemies it was a chore to me)

i hope you guys will find 2.0 the same fun or even more fun :slight_smile:

actually as soon as you get some decent attacker like khorvash mab bat quality you will probably have a lot of business with the 3 trophy one, its due to the pvp points you can gain/loose from those: if u loose a 3trophy fight it is no sweat becouse u loose so little points u can make up 5-10 looses with just one win

[quote=“Annaerith, post:17, topic:13429, full:true”]

actually as soon as you get some decent attacker like khorvash mab bat quality[/quote]

You can make a winning team with any Troop.

What you call “decent” is more along the lines of “speed-based meta”. Those two are not mutually exclusive.

i called it ek/mab/bat ‘quality’, doesnt deny the speed
never said decent in that manner :stuck_out_tongue: but yeah u can go for it as soon as u have decent team that can compete =) i just generalised it to that as its the most common case scenario :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: well most common to what i saw but again just my guess
edit 2: oh yes i said decent attacker xD time for me to go to sleep.

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In what? Being platinum in league in S2? a few years ago? Being top 20 worldlisting pvper in ultima online more years ago? cmon now … dont be ridiculous. “competing” in a slotmachine game with limited meta such as gems of war isnt much of an argument…