4.3 and pvp battles

Every match looks like this. Did you devs change something. No way should 1,2,3 be this close together let alone 1&2 being the same. Please explain. I should not be getting 30 pvp points for a 3 trophy battle. It was around 50 before update. I just had a trophy 3 fight non casual of course with a base gold of 800 lol reallly for a rope dart defense. This nonsense team should be 3000 base gold. Thanks .

Sry if its not a bug


It’s as intended bec it goes by your level difference

They did change something.

Now, only low-level accounts and people in guilds that do not complete statues get the best PvP points. This has always been true, but in 4.2.5 it wasn’t true enough so they changed the scoring.

If you are in a competitive guild or have played for a long time, you won’t get the same rewards as people who are more casual or haven’t been around as much. No, I’m not happy to say that. I think at least one thread complaining about it should stay on the top of the forums forever until it’s addressed.

The devs have said they’re “looking at it”, and I respect that, but there’s a big long list of things that have been “looked at” for a while. I also find it dubious they’re looking very hard since they just made it worse on purpose, it was technically in the patch notes and spun as a good thing.


I dont know why they change stuff and fail to tell us. They must think were stupid and wont notice. They must want new players on the leaderboard to make them feel special and thats ok because I dont care for being in the top 100 but dont give player A a unfair advantage over me because with the faction nonsense I need gold also so DONT give me 3000 and somebody new 7000 for the same fight. I payed my dues and expect to treated the same as any player new or not.


Yeah, that’s kind of the tilt of 4.3.

In PvP, they tilted the score so lower-level players and people in smaller guilds get more points per victory on average.

In every other event, so long as you buy enough of the last tier, you have so many stats you will get further than even endgame players no matter what your level is.

It’s a very newbie-friendly update in a way that’s not what we wanted.

The only reason this part of the update has me so upset is that it means my time isn’t worth as much as someone else’s.

I’ve said before that I don’t chase leaderboards, but for people who do, this update made it so that an upper-level player needs to invest 25-50% more time than a lower-level player in order to see the same progress. If both players invest equal time playing and complete battles at a similar pace, there is NO way for the upper-level player to keep up.

Time is a finite resource. Valuing one player’s time above another’s is not right, or fair.

This is broken. It needs to be fixed.


However, you have a larger skill bonus and a more complete troop collection available to you than a player at level 500. This means your fights against the same team will be over faster than a level 500 player’s would be. So you can do more of them per hour.

The unknown (to me, at least) is whether it’s possible for you and our hypothetical level 500 player are facing the same teams in PVP. My defense team score is north of 13,000, but the game still offers me battles against people well below 9,000. It stands to reason then that lower-level players are getting the same options I am.

This is a different windmill to tilt at: that the opponent teams we are offered in PVP should offer an “equal time” experience, so that the leaderboard really is about who spent the least time sleeping/showering that week. It may encourage perverse play styles (intentionally not traiting or leveling most troops to keep kingdom power down, while maxing those troops that make quick work of the offered PVP opponents), so this is not a fully fleshed-out solution. But it does seem to match what you’re asking for.

I don’t feel like the skill, stat, and troop bonuses are really worth that much.

We’re talking about a ~20 match differential here. Last thread someone posted their PvP record to prove to me “everything is fine”. It took me 23 more matches to reach the same PvP score they had.

Right now my average PvP match is about a minute and 30 seconds for 3T. I can lower that to 1m at the cost of losing at a much higher rate. So let’s say I do 40 matches/hour. To “keep up” with that score differential I need to do 60 matches/hour.

What do I do to my PvP team to be 30 seconds faster that a level 1100 player cannot do? If we were comparing a level 600 and 1000 player, I’d believe it. But seriously consider the difference between a level 1200 and 1400 player. How many stats are we talking about here? 1 Magic? Maybe 6 attack? Is access to Eggsplosion really that relevant?


This is the exact point I was trying to make. This is what’s broken. Even with the most efficient team, or the best possible combination of win rate and speed, you will hit a ceiling in terms of how fast you can finish battles, and the change to PVP points is a direct nerf. Period.

If it takes you 50% more battles to get the same amount of points, the lower-level player could play up to 50% slower than you, or with a proportionally “worse” attack team, and still make as much progress as you do. At the level 1000+ range, I really doubt the disparity is that large, which gives the lower-level player an innate advantage that absolutely cannot be overcome, no matter how “good” the higher-level player is.

THAT is the problem.


The solution is probably the 200-gem potions for PvP. If I had a few of those I’m sure I could keep up.

There is no way in hell I want to pay gems to play PvP. I keep seeing snippets on the streaming threads about this being a possibility and having some kind of different LB. I sincerely hope we are not heading down that road…

Playing PvP is why I play the game, building gold and resources/glory from it to make those marginal gains, whilst playing teams vs good opponents, not random explore or the raise stats game modes which are in virtually every other mode now.

The PvP score disparity is broken. I think it’s intentionally so to slow down resource progression, which has been the theme for about 12-15 months. In this regard we should imho not be wasting time arguing about the scoring systems, anyone can see it is broken. We should be wondering about why it has been broken and what changes are forthcoming.


As it is, if you want to get consistent high-points opponents, you need to refresh repeatedly. This costs 1 Gem per refresh. At the risk of sounding tinfoil-hatty, I can’t help but wonder if this was intended to be another (more subtle) Gem sink aimed squarely at endgame players.

I really hope PVP doesn’t wind up getting monetized the way all the events are, with tiers or sigils or potions or any other “spend Gems to get an advantage” trash.

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I feel like points in gem mastery are an exceptionally bad deal within the whole equation. They provide next to no benefit at high values due to diminishing returns, they still seem to contribute in a linear way.

There almost no chance that it doesn’t, at this point. The only (and most dangerous) question really outstanding is the methodology regarding how monetization will be implemented. Sigils would be the most passive way, which I think is unlikely to occur. Other methods are much more aggresive.

Occam"s razor suggests to me which method is the most likely to occur, which I’m praying stays far, far away from this game.

If endgamers are gonna treated unfairly then refund all of my vip money and I will go away and quit. Honestly this game has lost alot of its luster . I could play hours upon hours before but now its like Im bored of it and its just not the same feeling. Maybe its just me though I dunno.

Even if you not chassing the leaderboard the time to reach tier 1 as drastically increase. Usually i was done in 1h now i need to play 3h for same result.

31 points per battle is a real joke when you see people getting 75+ points

For me it make no sense people with low level are able to do 3tr fights, they shouldn’t be able to win that easy.

When you play final fantasy do you go fight against the final boss when you start the game? Nope you need to increase slowly your stats untill you can fight it. It should be the same imo


My alt is lvl 1,160 and it took 25 battles for tier 1…my main is 1,350 and in the same guild and that took 36 battles.
There is nowhere near 30% difference in team strength so just exactly how has this been calculated?


I was about to start pushing Silver Necropolis again when I realised I was getting close to the next +1 Life at 12,000 Renown, and decided I’d probably be better off without it.

I don’t want to have to make those kinds of choices :confused: :slightly_frowning_face:. I don’t think the Devs should/do want me to, either, since they’ve made it clear they want us to participate in Delves when they changed Faction Events to reward clearing higher levels.

Edit: I’m even thinking about how I’m going to have to keep my Hoard Level down for the next Faction to avoid getting that extra Life point for a bit longer. :man_facepalming: :disappointed:

Great post and great points again by soo many members here! Not sure I’ve seen so many posts and replies about a single topic(across multiple threads) that has this much consensus about one problem. If a dev is out there reading this, please don’t ignore the players and members that helped build and continue to build this game up. I’m guessing the company line is “we are looking into it” but just take these posts seriously when looking at a PVP upgrade down the line. I’ve already had to dump my high lvl xbox account because of this issue and I hope I’m not forced to stay under leveled on mobile for the foreseeable future.


It took me a long time to realize you were complaining “extra stats are going to make my PvP experience worse” instead of “I don’t want to choose renown vs. farming”. Way too long, haha.

It feels like this is almost an explicit implementation of what I call the “cynical F2P cycle”. When I rant about that I describe how in an F2P game, it’s hard to get a dollar out of an endgamer because they either already have everything or have the resources to get it. But that endgamer costs money by using server resources. So in the cynical cycle, devs don’t support endgamers. The hope is endgamers will quit, since it probably costs $2 in resources to get them to spend $1.

That’s what this mechanic feels like. “The longer you stay, the more effort you have to spend to keep up.”

That’s actually an OK mechanic in gamer eyes but we like it presented a different way. I’m used to RPGs throwing harder battles at me because I leveled up. I’m also used to harder battles giving me MORE rewards. In this case, GoW just shrugs and says, “Sorry, can’t find a harder battle for you.” so I end up getting less rewards.

I appreciate the complexity on the dev end, but maybe the leaderboard should just be a trophy hunt. As-is, PvP points are meaningless as a measure of effort spent.