Defense teams have lost their team score buff in 4.3

Prior to 4.3 defense teams got a buff of 180 (iirc) team score. Now they don’t.

This is the cause of all the threads complaining of getting less pvp points every match.

Probably devs will claim it was a bug prior to 4.3 :roll_eyes:

People were complaining about this before 4.3 because it was unintuitive for the scoring to be different.

People were also complaining about the PvP scores before 4.3, it’s been a problem practically as long as I’ve played. But since it’s almost 2 years later than when I started playing, 2 more years worth of players are endgamers and it affects more people, so there are more people complaining about it.

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But since 4.3 the max pvp points for lower lv players hasn’t changed but for high lv players the max has been significantly lowered, that’s the problem.

2x the # of battles for same pvp points seems fair :roll_eyes:

@Sirrian @Saltypatra I think it’s about time we got a response to the current pvp situation. Was the change intended or is it a bug with 4.3? Prior to 4.3 I could reach 1900 pvp points in only 25-30 matches at most, now it’s 40. Please explain why?


Bump @Sirrian @Saltypatra Any comment?


@Saltypatra Just in case you still think nothing changed in 4.3. The title of this thread is literally the reason for all the recent threads on the pvp issue.

For the record:
Defense teams never had a “score buff”. It was a dependency in the formulas used for teams viewed as defense teams or on your troops screen. From (I believe) 3.5 to before 4.3, defense teams score calc included everything that offense team did plus more potentially, and thus would always be higher. However, prior to (I believe) 3.5, one of them did not include 5* kingdom power and the other did not include finished guild tasks, thus your defense team score could actually be lower - I demonstrated this with screenshots in another post somewhere at the time. When scores first became a thing, it was commonplace for defense teams to have lower score than viewed on your team - this was before I looked into all the score components so I don’t know the reason this happened, I just remember it being documented at the time as well.

Score inflation is generally a good thing for payouts also. During the drought where PvP and offense scores had different criteria about a year ago, I’d have payouts like this (25% higher since these are casual PvP, but still):

Barely maxing out at what is now considered a “bad” payout:

Dark times, those.

So yeah, it was, in fact, always a bug. For reals this time. A bug that really sucked for us, too.

The current score formulas at least now payout a minimum of 1k at endgame and 2k+ payouts are actually possible, which is actually significantly better prepatch’s 900 to 1400 approaching endgame. You know, when matchmaking is being cooperative, and it almost never is, which is the main issue.

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So you’re saying that defense teams losing their “buff” has nothing to do with me rarely being able to find a battle worth more than 31 points now? Something definitely changed in 4.3 I just wish they would acknowledge it.

Long story short, you aren’t seeing enough of the players that will give you 50+ PvP points. If you are maxed out on delve stats and kingdom stats, you need defense teams of approximately 13.2k or above for this to happen, or 400 below your score, or 400 below the max that is possible. Prior to this last score buff, you’d need people about 1000 (displayed) points higher than you (and within less than a few hundred of the max possible), but internally they’d be opponents of the “same strength” and you’d cap out at 1500ish gold and 50ish PvP points. But these “same strength” opponents also included a pretty sizable chunk of the playerbase, so it didn’t matter that you were getting matched with them through irrelevant criteria such as how much PvP they did that week and what level they are.

If you consistently got three trophy matches above 13,200, you’d have gotten a sizable (gold) buff with this patch. Thats why people just barely off endgame (such as my alt with 12,800 max score potential) are getting so much more gold and PvP points, because they can be fight teams a few hundred points lower and still get good payouts, and these teams are a lot more common, and we get basically the same matchmaking pools.

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My team score is 13,500. When I say it’s rare to find a team that gives more than 31 points I am not exaggerating. It’s ridiculous, something needs to change asap.