PvP Team Score Rework

The new rework in team scores appears to have drastically affected PvP.

For the past 30 battles all the 3-trophy battles have had base gold of 1,200 and a ranking value of 30-35, when my guildmates are getting 70 ranking points per match.

How is this fair to me? I am just as capable of winning high-toughness battles but I am at a disadvantage in the leaderboards because I don’t have the opportunity to engage in high-value battles.

Team scores changed with 4.3…
The gold and pvp scores are tied to it. The lower your team score. The higher gold/pvp points you’re able to make.
Those who don’t (or can’t) update have an advantage over those on 4.3

It’s an antiquated system that the devs have no issue with since it punishes veteran players who are too used this kinda crap to bitch about it more.
It’s like a pothole in the middle of your own. The city won’t fix it. People don’t care enough to make the city fix it. But when you have to replace a tire due to it. You can’t help but think… Where the hell your tax money (money spent on the game) is going?
It’s the veteran’s that keep the lights and the servers running. It would be amazing if the game didn’t punish us for growth.
They used to have a case to justify the in balance. End gamers can do matches faster. Cool. That was before Factions though.
Hoard qualities don’t care what your level is. It costs at least 500k a month to get them to Quality 10. That’s every month… Where as new kingdoms took 124k gold every 3 months.
EVERY player, has less time than ever before to even do PvP. Yet the gold amount in PvP goes unchanged. Just the amount of gap between beginners gold and end game gold continues to widen.

Which is better? 10-50 less life and armor but able to 30 matches in 40 minutes paying out 150k. Or have your stats max, doing 30 matches in 40 minutes paying out 120k?
If the AI can’t touch you, then it really doesn’t matter what your stats are for pvp. The extra stats only matter for guild events. Which puts end gamers at an even bigger disadvantage.
Sorry if I went off the actual topic. But this whole mess has touched on an issue I’ve had for 2 years now. With zero change or even interest in change from the devs side.

They probably don’t want to do anything since they want the “eventual pvp rework” to fix all of those problems.

Haha you scrubs are stuck with the nerfed rewards, iOS is going to do it the old way forever. “Reworked team scores” sounds so much better than “dramatically decreased PvP compensation”.

I even get the cool Peasant art for Queen of Sin.

48 is the maximum he has given me 1 time. The most usual thing he gives me is between 31 and 36. I have needed 8 more matches than before to get to rank 1. I understand that by level and team power I have fewer points than a level 900, but having to play double for to be able to match him is illogical

The good part is that I win more gold for combat

You guys have it made! Try pvp now when you’re over level 2000 like me. I’m only getting 31 pvp points per 3T match.

@Devs, stop punishing older veteran players. It’s bad enough someone lv 1000 can level up 100 times and get 100 event keys in the time it takes me to level up ONCE and get 1 event key, now we have to do 2x the battles in pvp to keep up with low-mid level players. :rage:

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I was just thinking yesterday that a system that encouraged people to stall their leveling-up was a goddamn dumb system. And I couldn’t remember why people did or used to do that here, I thought it was something that had long since been fixed. Guess not!

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To avoid goblins, IIRC. Prior to level 200 your PVP matches were against people mostly your level. Around level 200 you started being matched against the entire player base, including level 800+ people running the meta deck of the day: goblins, in this case.

I’m still on 4.2.5, but I’m getting a lot more gold per match since yesterday (2200 max vs 1500).
Moreover, I’m facing a wider variety of teams and Fire bombs seem to be back with an higher frequency, especially in casual (ding ding ding! jackpot!)