What's going on with PVP battles, I keep getting low teams?

I haven’t changed anything on my end, same defense team.
Yet I keep getting opponents on the right that are like 8k team score, where as I normally got opponents there that are over 9.5k team score.

Been playing for over an hour… so if it’s a fluke, it shouldn’t be :frowning:

Whats going on?

Check you defense team it might have changed to a weaker one. Mine changes randomly.

There was a note that they widened the pool of opponents we would see. I too have been seeing some greater variation in team scores I face.

Here is a quote from a dev that might be relevant:

I am not sure what your level is, but now that I am over 1050, I have noticed a significant difference in opponent values.

The matchmaking was changed in last week’s patch, it’s in the patch notes. I don’t see any obvious changes to the types of opponents I am facing, but I get significantly less gold and points (for a given team) than I had been getting before, which I don’t understand. Once you’re over level 1000 as I am, there is only so much variety you can expect to see.

I did pass level 500, do you think that has anything to do with it?

While we made the opponent pools bigger we haven’t changed the code that calculates PVP points and gold for the past six months.

lv500 could be that, unless you changed/left a guild?

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Not me, I’m happy where 'm at :slight_smile:

I didn’t know level had an impact on it… I should try to slow down then :wink:

That’s fine, but by making the opponent pools bigger, you have included players at significantly lower levels and significantly lower power ratings than what I had been used to facing in 3-trophy ranked battles. Result: less gold, fewer PvP points on average, and a longer grind to get to rank 1. And yet I still face the same teams.