PVP Points seem to be very unbalanced

Had a week off work and thought I’d have a crack at winning PVP.

It seems a little off that a guy ranked 1083 has an average score of 60.8 over 500 games and I am only able to to 40-50pt battles.

I’ve had to win 134 more games just to draw level with him.


This fight system is broken and is removing any motivation for trying 1st rank. How many time I saw I made 200 more fights than a guy (only 3 troph fight) to simply have the same total of pvp points than him. Now I dont try anymore and other poeple I’ve chatted with feels the same!

THIS FIGHT SYSTEM NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED FAST! Imo it is a bigger priority than the upcoming guild wars.

Donut, I see you and the guy Darkvader are both now at around 640 wins and the other guy have 8000 (EIGHT THAUSANDS!!!) more points than you. He average 60 pts per fight lol. I never ever saw more than 52 since this fight system has been added.

This bad joke have to stop.

Hey guys,

A few of us have been having a chat about this over here:

Based on my observations, it seems that it would be possible to average 60 points per battle IF you are in a guild that doesn’t get stat bonuses from completing all weekly tasks AND you are willing to pay gems to refresh your PVP options and only fight when you get 60+ point choices. Now that I moved to a casual guild, my maximum PVP points went from about 55 to 66 and I get these options pretty often.

Thank you for this info. That confirm what I said on previous post: This fight system is broken. Perhaps I should ask all members of my guild to stop contributing gold to basic tasks to have no more guild bonuses for our troops. We can all make mistakes, the devs made one with this fight system, its ok. But what is not ok is to not correct the mistake.

Lol come on @Stan you know that make no sense spend 500 gems just to get 50 gems, its like saying i don’t care to spend 50$ at the end i will get 5$. If they are in a low guild they wont get lot of gems so i suppose their gems are more precious then wasting them to refresh

Also, if it is really legit, why we only noticed these weird pvp score since 2-3 weeks which is same time then the glich as been posted?

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I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying that I think it is possible, and I agree that the way the system works right now makes no sense. The rewards for being in the top 10 aren’t worth the effort required whether it costs you 1000 gems or not. If all you care about is being as high on the leaderboard as possible, I think that what I’m saying is the most efficient way to do it, and I think it is possible that there are people out there that would be willing to sacrifice the benefits of being in a guild, or are hardcore players that have always been in a non-top guild, that still want to be at the top of the leaderboard.

I only know a couple of the X-box guilds, but it looks like the guy in #2 definitely isn’t in one of the top guilds. This only supports my theory. I don’t have time to do a big volume of PVP in the next month or two, but next week, I will sacrifice some gems and see how high I can get my average PVP score. If I can average 60+ points over the 40 or 50 fights that I’ll do, I think that will prove my point. I’ll track how many gems it cost me to do it, too.

If this is caused by people exploiting the PVP glitch (I still don’t know how it is done), then they should have a ridiculous number of PVP defences, which the guy in #2 doesn’t have. I’m pretty sure that is the tell-tale symptom.

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50 is not enough to make a conclusion it would be better 100-200 fight and keep average of 60+

I’ll do what I do and see what happens. It may not be a large enough sample to safely extrapolate how many gems it it would take to get 500 wins that way, but it will give us an idea. I’ll start tracking manually this weekend and we can factor that in too.

Also, I’ll keep track of what my offers are on the battles I refresh to see what kind of offers I’m actually getting. Depending how many 60+ I get, I might look at 100 or 200 offers (or maybe more), which should be a pretty good sample. That’s probably more important than the number that I actually win.

If it doesn’t look like this is realistic at all after a few hundred gems, I might just pull the plug. We’ll see how it goes.

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@Rickygervais, @htismaqe

Here are the results for my first 41 PVP offers over last night and this morning. I accepted any battle with a PVP score of 60 or greater.

Of those 41, 24 were 60 or greater, meaning that I skipped 17 battles at a cost of 17 gems. Of the 24 I did, 18 were 66 points, 4 were 60 and one each were 65 and 63. My record was 21 wins and 3 losses.

The average offer to me was 60.1 and the average that I accepted was 64.8. Each of the three losses cost me exactly 3 points.

If I had accepted only battles worth 55 points or more, I would have played 32/41 battles with an average offer of 63.0 points. Only 4 of of the 41 battles offered were for less than 50 points.

I know this is a small sample, but I think this perfectly explains how someone could maintain an average of 60+ points per win on a consistent basis. All they have to do is not be in a top guild and take all the 3-trophy matchups, maybe skipping any “easy” ones. I have all my Kingdoms at level 10 and all but Silverglade, Blackhawk and Glacial Peaks at 5 stars or higher. My defence team during this whole time was a fairly tough 4x glacial peaks team that is winning about 40% of the time on defence (8967 rating).

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Excellent data. So it is possible after all! Though in the long run, it’s probably not worth it. Gems seem way too valuable for mythics, etc and an entire week of leaderboard battling would probably go through quite a bit of matches.

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These were also very difficult matches every single time. I’m never competing for the leaderboards anymore, and am usually more concerned about just getting enough seals in a week, so I’d normally be looking to maximize my efficiency by balancing ease of battle with score and trophies. I also like to pick up the extra glory from revenges, but I don’t think I got more than 1 revenge in those 24 battles. Doing this all the time just isn’t my style, but it definitely could be done.


Ok maybe it could be done but like you said these fight was almost always hard and took longer. So current #1 got little less fight then me wich mean he should average 1-2 min per match sometime when you are lucky it take 30 sec but it happen maybe 1/10.

So i just wonder how you can do this really quickly when

1- you need to refresh maybe 2-3 sec
2-wait 10 sec loading fight and magic animations
3- wait 5 sec when fight is over
4- wait 10 sec when you got defense pop up

With his number of fight he need to be really quick. Also you said you spended 17 gems to keep that average, this guy got 20x more fight so mean he spended approx 380 gems

So lets say he is vip level 10 like me, 380 gems cost 30$, now the big question, if it was you, would you spend these gems only to get 50 gems back? Or you would keep you gems to buy gems, events and vip chest and try to get the new mythic?

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I view Stan’s experiment as more of a proof of concept that it’s actually possible without cheating. I think the real answer lies in the reply one of the devs left in our last thread. Among other things, he said:

The PvP Points calculation is kind of complex, and it takes a lot into account to STOP various forms of exploitation, but it was unavoidable that after being out in the wild for so long, with in excess of 50,000,000 PvP matches played so far, that some folks have been min-maxing the experience in sneaky, but not necessarily exploitative, ways

Fortunately the GW scoring system is completely separate, and a much cleaner straightforward thing, so I don’t believe it will be open to this kind of shenanigans.

He refers to the method these people are using as “sneaky” and “shenanigans” … I bet it’s more of an exploit than Stan’s more legitimate method. But now that it’s been proven by Stan that this is in fact possible, the next step is to try to discover and replicate whatever exploit is being used.

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Or ask @sirrian to finaly answer and give us detail about what is include in the pvp caculation? and what is the maximum score? Then why not put static numbers for each choice?


1 trophy fight reward 15 points
2 trophy fight reward 30 points
3 trophy fight reward 60 points

In this case new and old player got the same chance to be #1 and no more bs.
I mean for the same effort this guy got 10k more points then me, that mean i would need to play about +10h then him non stop just to be same score then him


I’m in complete agreement that static numbers would be a suitable solution, yes.

No, I spent 17 gems to get an average of 64. What was surprising to me was that if I didn’t spend anything at all, I still would have had an average of over 60. If I had only spent a few gems to skip the really low scoring ones, I could have still averaged 63.

What this is showing is that guild bonuses have a huge impact on PVP score. Whether that’s fair or not is a completely separate question, and one I don’t really care to get into today.

Another surprising thing to me is that changing guilds didn’t seem to reduce the difficulty of my matchups at all. I was focusing mostly on the 3-trophy matchups through all of this, but I only saw one 1-trophy match with less than a 7200 score. That seems odd to me, but it may be that there aren’t that many lower level players still PVPing this late in the week. I’ll see what happens after weekly reset.

Sirrian is talking about the PVP exploit that people were using to generate a ton of gold and glory off of defence wins. I don’t know how that one works, but it is a completely separate issue and I don’t think it has anything to do with the screenshot that started this thread.

But it wouldn’t be the same for old and new players. Old players have better troops, more traits, etc. than new players and matchups are different for everyone. Putting fixed points per battle or just counting trophies doesn’t solve anything. It would still be BS, just different BS.

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Anyway the whole pvp system need to be reworked, that make no sense to play the same 5-6 guys. We should be able to play anyone in our range of level. I heard the people stop showing in your fight after 1h but this is BS cause yesterday i played a good part of the day and was still fighting same guy he wasn’t playing cause i keeped an eye on his score and it didin’t move except when he was losing or winning defense fights


Hopefully, now that Guild Wars is out, they can turn their attention to some of this stuff.