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2.0 PvP Preview

We’re closing in on the 2.0 Update (no exact release date to share with you all yet though, sorry).

But, while we’re all waiting, twiddling our thumbs, tails, talons, and other twiddle-able appendages, we thought you might enjoy this video talking about some changes to the PvP System in 2.0.


Whoa that was @nimhain’s voice :slight_smile:

@DonBoba will be pleased…!


Uhm, holy cow. Done very interesting changes. Top 20 rewards arcane stones even, nifty! Good looking work guys.

Heya @Nimhain !

11 arcanes for number one? Oh boy, match masters will fight one another for it x)

And just harder to reach a weekly rank of 1 with big prizes overall. Definitely making things crazy worthwhile here.

This is looking great! Really looking forward to it! Just need to start brushing up my PVP teams a bit now :wink:

Question though, are the arcane traitstones random each week? Are they tied to the weekly reward chest troop? or is it winner’s choice?

Holy kickass.

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We’ll probably theme it to the Kingdom for the event somehow…


only the hardest team in casual gives any trophies?

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That looks great! I’m really looking forward to these changes. With rivals, it makes PvP more personal. Up until now it’s really felt anonymous.

Question, @Sirrian: Is there going to be additional rewards for successful defenses, or is the only benefit there, slowing down your opponents as you’re racing for #1 on the leaderboard?


To be fair, slowing them down seems to be worth doing.

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Likely so, though if the revenge battle nets you more rewards than the invade loss loses for them, the meta will still skew toward weak defenses.

Agree, this still sounds odd…

Actually that raises a question: Do you lose PVP points if you lose in Defense? If not then how are you slowing them down? And if you do, ouch… that could hurt with the AI as it is… (but would put more emphasis on defense teams)

Yes - you DO lose points for a defense loss. Not EQUAL TO the number the attacker wins though.


You slow them down indirectly by causing them to lose points. However, this doesn’t translate into direct rewards for you.

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Aha! Stick, not carrot. Well played. :slight_smile:


Yeah fair enough, I missed the part where it said that they would lose points if you beat them.

Can we have stick and carrot? or a big carrotty stick? a sticky carrot?

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Are the PVP point gains/losses from Revenges higher or lower than invades?

EDIT: Sorry, I worded that badly. If I invade someone will I get more or less PVP points than if I Revenged against them?