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So many repeat PVP opponents

Has anyone noticed the repeat opponents? It seems like I am always playing the same 15-20 opponents from the same guilds and thus the same layouts.

Does anyone have any input into how are the PVP opponents chosen? With the amount of repeats I see it can’t be random, is it based on guild affiliations?


I have the same issue on console, there are many times where I will see teams I just played recently come up again.

Same story on Console

Yep same same same lol. Atleast there teams are a little more diverse after update 2.0.1

Yes this is true on X1 as well.

However, the big exception is on Tuesday after the weekly reset, I always see a huge variety of different players, by the end of the week its back to a small group.

The developers haven’t elaborated on the algorithm, but they’ve dropped a few hints here and there. Hard to say how much of that information is still applicable since the 2.0 PvP revamp, however. It strongly prefers people who have played recently, like in the past 24 hours or so, which is why variety is high near the beginning of the week, as people are busy climbing to tier 1, but drops off later due to all the people who don’t PvP much once they reach it.

Presumably it also prefers opponents who are similar in level or power, though it will give you other opponents either just as a random challenge or if there aren’t enough people similar to you to match with. It also seems to prefer players who aren’t in the same guild as you.

I was wondering about this today. I switched into a much better guild a couple days ago and since then, had an absolutely brutal run of PVP matches. Everyone was much higher level than me with mutliple fully traited mythics. Not fun to be batting 0.600 when I’m trying to prove myself to my new guild. After getting a little more selective in matching my team to my opponent’s, my results improved, but every battle was a slug-fest.

Then when the PVP event re-set, it was the complete opposite, everyone was much lower than me with hardly any traits. Total cakewalk.

I definitely see an increase in difficulty as I climb the PVP ranks (tiers? sorry about any misused terminology) each week. But the jump in difficulty when switching guilds (while maintaining the same tier 1 status) was shocking. It’s possible it was just RNG or the sample of people playing PVP in the last 24 hours or whatever, but it certainly felt like a real effect to me.

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It’s not your imagination. PvP and arena are both set for you to face easier opponents when you start out but as you progress you will begin to face more difficult opponents.

The other factor is people who are playing PvP, to which after the reset you will find more varied results compared to later in the week, especially after you reach 1.

Just to add, somewhere the devs mentioned that after two hours of inactivity you are no longer targeted by PVP so you don’t come back from sleep to 187 defeats. :wink:

Also, the repetition is nice in my opinion because it creates Rivals which nets you two additional Glory each battle. With that in mind I have focused on cultivating some “easy” choice rivals so that I can fight quick matches for 3/4 glory rather than just 1.

Well some of us have a few months to wait for that. But it is very nice to gain those extra glory when I do play on phone

I didn’t know about the 2 hour inactivity thing, that sure makes sense. I can see how the guild comes into play, as I am in Anonymous and thus I see a lot of the top players from the top guilds. Each week though I tend to fall in the 10000-15000 in PVP rank and still face the players in the top 50 all the time. I am level 615 though and found that once you get over the 300 lvl the player really has minimal affect.