PvP Scoring - Help Understanding

I’m guessing it’s because of the level difference, but I’m having a hard time figuring how this scoring is so different. I cant testify to #2’s trophy picks, but I always do the three trophy fights.

With more wins, less than a quarter of the losses, and defense winning over 50%… how is there over 1k score difference? :frowning: Anyone got a formula or able to point me the direction of some explanation about how this is so different?

The devs haven’t released a formula, but one thing that can come into play that not everyone realizes is that guild bonuses have a huge impact. For example, when I moved from a top guild to a casual guild, my 3 trophy matchups went from an average of about 45 points to close to 60 (with a maximum of 66).

I’m on PS4, so I don’t know which players or guilds are represented on your screenshot, but if one is in a more casual guild, there can be more potential points available. Obviously, no one can tell whether people are taking 1, 2 or 3 trophy matchups and that tends to be the biggest difference maker.

The casual PVP bug might be influencing the 2nd player’s stats as well. If they put up an ‘easy’ PVP defence (like 4x Sacrifice), people might be farming them in casual PVP, which will show up as a bunch of extra ranked PVP wins on their stats (but won’t actually give them any ranked PVP points). A defence win rate that high is usually a sign of this, rather than an actual high defence win rate in ranked. If they change their team a lot, it could be a mixture of both.


1st person is doing 3 trophies mainly and losing more.

2nd person is doing 2 trophies mainly and winning more.

Oh sure, if you want to jump straight to the simple explanation… :wink:

This thread might be interesting to you:


And here is a similar thread where I tracked some detailed results for a while:


Their are huge difference in the two guilds gem masteries. One of the players will not level all kingdoms to keep increased rewards.

Gem masteries are a huge negative sink in PvP points and gold rewards.

Defense is negligible in PvP ranking points because losses arent much penalty.

By setting a lower defense you will recieve lower opponents and lower points but perhaps more points per hour if the fights are faster which depends on invade team minimum of 31pts I think.

Transversally setting a high defense will net you higher rated opponents worth more points but could be longer fights potentially.

Like I said in the post, my games are 100% 3 trophy. And more wins with way better defense so no, that’s not it.

Do you repick with gems? I spend around 10-50 gems an hour when doing 3 trophies casually, and would likely use upwards of 100 if trying to maximise points.

That could also be a problem with the points. Maybe try a bad lower score defend team and see if that gives a higher rate per hour.

No, I dont have gems to waste I always just play whichever 3 trophies is there. But they seem to only average ~40 where they used to be 52+

If my defense loses don’t I lose score? Or is the only way to lose score by losing an attack?

You lose score if your defend team losses, but if changing your team to a lower score gives you more points per battle, such as 50s instead of 40s, then it is much worth it to have a different defend team.

There are a lot of very weird things that causes your enemies to have lower points. I really just wish they would make a flat rate of 15/30/50 for 1/2/3 trophies.

Hmm… More points per battle, but I’d be losing more to my defense losing more. Although I’ve never not played more games than I’ve defended, so that might work.

To easy, too straight forward, too much sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

That flat rate per trophy only works if the offers scale well. I often get 1 and 2 trophy matches that are practically the same as the 3. The whole system needs the attention that it was promised a long time ago.


If you want to get the highest scores you have to get out of a guild.

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