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New update is out!

Xbox one confirmed

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ps4 confirmed, i have to say i do like the new mode that makes me get random battles with easier runics etc. I do think the dropping of gems feels a bit weird now though, and all the flashy stuff on screen might trigger epilepsy… hope that wont happen… had that happen with diablo 3.

2.0 is out for you guys. This needs a meme. Hold on while i get the shit hitting the fan.

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There you go.

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whence did the shit come from, i see nothing emitt it. i call fake shit, probably flung from outside the frame.

Ok so been testing this pvp system 2.0 yesterday evening and have to say im not happy with it, it feels excruciatingly slow now to progress in the main ranks (with the pictures), and its completely unclear what decides my ranked rank since in rewards it states im in 100-150 range but i cant see that anywhere on the pvp screen.

Also some matchups are literally autoloss despite there being 3 selections because either the kingdom lvls of the other team are maxed compared to mine being only 1/4th lvl10 and not a single one maxed. Or the enemy combo thing is on because they get free never ending (treasure map type and then some) drops that fill up their whole team in turn 2 and kill 3 cards right away (happened to me against a goblin team im normally thrashing) And that decides my “rank” get out man… i never wanted to play a directly competitive game, i liked pvp the way it was. Now im ALWAYS up against meta teams instead of just random fun teams. Especially since people now start to compare teams and their success with the inspect option… sigh.

ranked rank is irrelevant unlesss you wanna fight against whole server of players (now you can do that or u can ignore it, at least u have a choice, pre 2.0 u didnt have that extra feature).
the ranked rank is determined by your pvp points which is basically whole leaderboard of players with their pvp pointss - just like guilds with their tropies (only difference that pvp points reset weekly, trophies not).
focus on the tier 1, that is not too hard and it gives more rewards then the rank1 pvp from pre 2.0 :slight_smile:

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Hopefully they never have an unranked unrank; just starts getting too confusing then :slight_smile:

Yeah well im seeing the same team dominate the leader board 24/7 (santas helpers or something with almost all players max lvl… must be fucking boring to be in that team)

tell me about it xD
on the pc/mobile version there is now a little more variety since all those mythics released but there is still a meta that dominates most :stuck_out_tongue:
anyway for those who wanna fight till the top ranks, just a warning, (at least on pc) it takes really long hours of whole week, its beyound a ‘job’ and reaches some point of ‘slavery’ so i really dont recommend it unless you have fun on the conquering part and not really the rewards they give for it - rewards alone arent worth it. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: well that really proves what kinda players we have out there on the server… i wonder how it gonna turn out on your xbox/ps4 side, lemme know by the end of week!

I do not thing it is shit, just black ink.

I was trying to but i guess ill give up on that ranked mode and just continue casual right? I still get the weekly lvls up then right? I dont like that name though, its derogatory. Gives established guilds epeen and makes them think they are worth more than other players or something.

if you dont do ranked you wont get the tier rewards.
also i think casual gives less rewards per battle in general

why dont u just do ranked for pure gold glory trophies, not worrying about the actual pvp points? :stuck_out_tongue:

to get all tier rewards you just need flat 1900 pvp points, that doesnt require to race against other players in the ranking, just win enough times


Yeah ill do that. skillwise i could get higher but i just dont have the time, i cant play all day long like some people obviously are doing to get as many points as they already have. I picture them as pale vampires… kids that hiss when you open their bedroom door.