Just frustrated

Yesterday was a much better day when it came to PvP (ranked matches). I won matches that I know I should’ve won. The gems were dropping good, the AI was being more realistic (does that make sense). It wasn’t forcing me to match gems in order for it to box me in a corner, for it to have a better chance of winning. Let me clarify that last sentence for those who don’t understand. I find the AI most of the time giving you gems that will obviously put you in a bad position from the start, resulting you to lose the match in the end regardless. This is that kind of day so far.

I don’t know what it is but this game is not hard when it comes to picking gems to match in order to beat the next troop, I know how to play, it’s not rocket science. Matches outside of PvP go a lot smoother. Sure, I could lose a match against the AI outside of PvP, especially if I make a mistake but in PvP (ranked matches) why does it feel like the gems are not in your favor no matter what?

When I play PvP (ranked matches) it feels like it’s rigged from normal difficulty to extremely hard difficulty without you ever having the chance at winning. I know there’s a chance, other players are beating my troops left and right for freaking sake, I know similar stuff has been expressed before but I wasn’t haven’t it today and I had to relieve myself here for that! Yeah, it is what it is; I’ll see what I can do. Just frustrated, no memory bias here, just something I’ve notice since I’ve been playing.

Is there some way to make the gems win in your favor from the Defenders Gem Priority menu? Is there some secret, forward, forward, back, back, b,a,b,a select, start, trick that I don’t know about? What’s up with this?

Let’s examine what kinds of strategies are you employing. Tell us about a team you use for example, and we can see. Its hard to start prescribing cure without seeing the patient, so to speak :slight_smile:

OK, I’m lvl 208 using my fav troop right now, Vampire Lord/Crimson Bat/Morthani’s Will/Lady Sapphira. They’re all lvl 18 fully traited. The Crimson bat is 19 of course. That’s the order. My kingdoms are not all at lvl 10 and I honestly do not have many powerful troops, but my fustration comes from the board itself not my troops or the other opponents troop, just the way the gems are on the board.

Sometimes I would rather let the AI pick first so that I could have a better chance than it, if it’s gonna decide my chances of winning based off my first pick. I win a lot of matches with my troop but most of the time I come across the AI bullying me with the gems, it’s like, “No human! You’re gonna pick these gems so that I can pick these, trap you there, and then beat you in the end”. As if I can hear it laughing too (not really hearing it laugh but added it for flavor). :grin:

If you got any better ideas besides, leveling your kingdoms, using better troops, I’m cool with that, but what do you do when you are giving the option to match badly? :skull:

EDIT: Matching badly consist of you matching gems resulting in an extra turn for it or a skull dropping for it.

Sometimes the “obvious” or “best first choice” isn’t the best overall.

You need to be smart about denying them mana, while trying to fill yours. And try to never leave them with 4+ matches.

When you get farther in game, I intentionally leave skull matches to the enemy because I know they wont gain mana, and spells can be far worse than just skull damage.


Yea, I’ve been doing that lately and my first troop gets the skulls badly as a result of that when the AI decides to match them. Later this ends up turning into an extra turn for the AI of another skull dropping out of nowhere right on top of ya hiney.

There are a lot of things to talk about, and there are a lot of unknowns. That said I think I can give you a few things to think about that might point you in the right direction, but I can only really speak about them in the broadest sense right now.

What I am seeing in your team that you listed are a few key things.

The first being that the Crimson Bat, the troop that is the major damage-dealer is very much undermined by the presence of Vampire Lord. When VL casts, he removes Reds and cuts the efficiency of your whole team drastically because now CB has to work three times as hard for Mana.

The next issue is that all of your spells are turn-ending spells. Meaning when you cast it’s no longer your turn and the computer goes. One of the strategies that would serve you well to explore are the Explode and Transform troops like Poison Master, The Dragon Soul, Valkyrie, Green Seer, Banshee, etc, etc.

Troops that Explode and Transform (other troops’ mechanics too!) can do a critical strategic move which is to do damage, gather Mana for your team, get Skull cascades, and MOST importantly give you the Extra Turn that allows the major boost in efficiency and speed you’re seeking.

It may seem counter-intuitive to take away damage-dealing troops and replace them with Transform troops, but the trade-off is well worth it.

In the broadest sense, the broooooaaaadest and most vague sense, more successful teams use a blend of two damage dealers, one Mana Creator/Exploder/Transformer, and one support troop.

So I would suggest that what you are really seeing is the inefficiencies of your team build by not exploring those strategies. It has little, if anything to do with the initial and ongoing board distribution.


I have to agree with Krudler

Using Valkarie, Mercy and 2 other troops that use blue would be good, and using a troop on top with %damage reduction from skulls will help.

There are many good teams, but some of the most common are: Gorgotha or Emporer Khorvash, Valkarie, Mercy, and Justice or Queen Mab

Of course there are many decent combos with this, those are just some of the most common.

If you need to “trait” out your troops, its a good idea to Explore for them, can really make a huge difference in matches.


I would agree with @KrudlerTheHorse. He makes a lot of strong points.
I love me some Crimson Bat, but I agree the team build is not ideal. Here is one you can use to great success early on.
Soothsayer***/Valkyrie/Crimson Bat/(Blue Dmg Dealer)
Another Crimson Bat is ideal but before I had my second bat I did alright with Rowanne in that slot, or Shadow Cat works well and covers Purple as well.

Feel free to check out my Team Build Compendium for some ideas too.

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I’ve noticed that about my troop, even had the build you mentioned. I used the Flesh Golem, and Banshee, but the problem with those two is it that they give the AI gems more than helping me out. I use the all blue flag to substitute the gem problem Crimson bat is having, The only troop I have besides those you mentioned is Valkyrie, and she wouldn’t be needed if I have Banshee.

I’ll go back to trying this kind of build, I honestly sure hope it works and stops the AI gem bullying.

What will stop the gem bullying is you taking control of the board especially with Transform troops!

I know I talk in vagueries a lot of the time but it gives you the freedom to work it out according to your own style, etc.


HA! I do this until I’m exhausted honestly, but it becomes a hassle when you do not get the specific stones you need for that specific troop within the short amount of specific time, yea it sucks.

I hear what you’re saying but this team has it’s chemistry like a good NBA team, I would hate to break them up like that. I hope I can stick within the Undead/Ghulvania area for now. I do have a knights team with Queen Yasablle and Valor but I gotta build that team up.

I’ll check that thread out thanks.

LOL I like this phrase, gem bullying, if it hasn’t been expressed before, I’ll take credit for it, gem bullying. :grinning:

But I’m afraid it has been, right?

Yeah, I definitely see what you’re saying. Like I said, it is what it is I’ll see what I can do.

I fully understand. And you know what if it works for you, that’s all that matters. I have played several teams made up of troops nobody thought twice about. So go for it. As for the frustration, this is definitely the place to come. I just did the same myself yesterday! lol

It’s hands down the best game community I’ve ever been a part of!

Happy Hunting! :wink:

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Thanks. I’m going to try the different combinations. Yes I would have to agree, this community is awesome.:+1:

In addition to the issues identified by @KrudlerTheHorse and others, I think part of your issue is your insistence on sticking with a team that’s not working for you. No insult intended, but doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result - that way lies madness.

Allow me to give you an example with my favorite team:

Emperor Khorvash blue/brown
Valkyrie yellow/red
Crimson Bat blue/red
Mercy blue/green

The only color missing on this team is purple, but I don’t really want it because I’m going to use Mercy to turn all the purple to yellow to feed Valkyrie, provided there is a 4/5 match on the board to get that extra turn. Valkyrie will then feed the other 3 troops. Valkyrie doesn’t create randomly, you get to pick where those blue gems are going to go to keep control of the board. EK and Bat both do true damage, thus battles are faster because you don’t have to cut through armor, too.

The most important thing in team building is synergy - how well your troops work together and support each other. You need to stop waiting for the board to give you what you need and work on creating it yourself.

Disclaimer: I did not create this team. It was created by the brilliant and wonderful @Mufasha, who, if he happens to see this: hello, sweetie!


Stop insulting me…

No I’m honestly kidding. I know what you’re saying but this team is part of the same class same kind of kingdom type of team. I’ve mixed matched this team so many times before I’ve gotten to the troops I’ve mentioned here. For this team, the result is madness based on the troops that I have from the class and or the same kingdom. I could do what you are suggesting with different class of troops and or troops from different kingdoms but that’s not what I’m frustrated with.

Creating the board to work for me is what I’m after, so what troops would I use if I just wanted the same class or troops from the same kingdom? I’m not really looking for an answer with this because I agree with what @KrudlerTheHorse said about how to basically construct a successful team. The team you created, I mean the team @Mufasha created is a very good example of how I would constuct a team of the similar type, thanks for the points. :grin::+1:

When you “CREATE GEMS” of a certain color, you control the board.

Valkarie turns any 1 color into Blue, so you use it to create a 4 or 5 match, and dont use it until that point.
Mercy turns Purple into Yellow, so use that when you get a 4 or 5 match of yellow, which feeds the valkarie. It becomes an endless turn when things go right.

Dont worry about kingdom bonuses, not always helpful. Controlling the board is the most important factor in winning matches. The sooner you master how to control the board you will have less “lucky losses” from the AI.


Yea, I see that. I understand your point, creating gems helps against the gem bullying. :grin: I also understand where you’re coming from with not concerning oneself with kingdom bonuses.

I do have Banshee and the Werewolf to help with transforming mana, but I’m using the Flesh Golem in the meantime since those two are not up fully traited yet. I do not have a lot of kickass troops compared to what’s being used, and if I do they most likey are not fully trated yet, so I’ll do what I can.

If I’m using troops from one kingdom, with its variety to choose from, and if they are not capable of winning matches, then honestly I wouldn’t bother with them. This game is designed with having troops from one kingdom alone, capable of winning matches, that’s what makes it fun.

If you want a simple, cheap control team, the canonical example would be Alchemist / Valkyrie / Banshee, with a Green/Blue or similar troop in front taking hits so Alchemist doesn’t. All three troops are Rare, so they’re easy to get and trait (comparatively). Treant works well here in front (he’s Ultra-Rare), as does Anointed One (but that brings minimum rarity to Epic). Personally I used War Sphinx because that’s what I had at the time, and it worked out well enough for me to get over the hump.

As an alternative, if you manage to get one, Hellcat can now replace Banshee. On the positive side, Hellcat is more flexible because he can convert anything to Red instead of just Blue, which will allow you to retain control in situations where you’d otherwise be forced to give up a turn with Banshee. On the negative side, his damage cannot be targeted, he hits for (generally) less damage than Banshee does, and he doesn’t create Souls.