Just frustrated

I never, ever, ever have used a team with all troops from the same kingdom. The bonuses are so insanely worthless that it’s laughable. You should think of them as what they are: a bonus…and nothing more. You’d be hard pressed to find 0.01% of the people playing this game with 4 troops from the same kingdom, and it’s for a reason. They’re lumped together not because they work well together, but for the lore. That’s it.

I mean, since you used a sports analogy, you wouldn’t build an NBA team in X city with only guys born in said X city, right???

Also, any early to mid-stage team without a Valk (or at least another transformer) in it is utterly busted, imo.


A) For consoles, there is a task that regularly appears for winning matches with 4 troops of the same kingdom, so that is a reason to do so;

B) Goblin teams are pretty common still and they are all from the same kingdom. I would say that constitutes way more than .01% of the people playing the game.

Other than these exceptions I would agree however it is very rare to use 4 troops from the same kingdom.

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Ah, forgot about the old, dead-as-a-doornail gobbie teams of long ago. On PC, you still see them (about as often as you’d see Bigfoot in NYC) but it’s good for a laugh at least.

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Really you still see goblins on Xbox. I honestly can’t remember the last goblin team I saw.
All I see is justice mab teams or ek spirit fox teams. Lol, give me a gobbie team please.

I probably see a goblin team among my options at least every 3-4 opponent refreshes. And I’m always happy to see them since they pose no threat :smiley:


There’s plenty of players using troops from the same kingdom here on PS4, the goblins are the number one draft pick as well as the wolves, as well as the dragons and basically as for many others.

My sports analogy was referring to the chemistry they have not the city they were from, and the fact that they are from different cities could be why they have good chemistry. And if it was up to me I’ll build my sorry Knicks team from Brooklyn, New York players but this is of course beside the point you are making. :sunglasses:

There are plenty of teams without a Valk that are not busted, I’m just saying.

Can’t wait to be at that point. The Goblin team beside the Gaurdians are the number one looping cheesing team here on PS4 with extra turns galore. :japanese_goblin: But I will say the infamous EK and BD do not pose a threat for me.

Amongst the good points already made, one point that’s been missed is that the OP just hit level 200.

Assuming its still the case, around level 200 is when you get a lot more high-level PvP opponents with much bigger stats than you, so I suspect a lot of the gem bullying is not so much the AI getting more lucky drops, but that the lucky drops hurt a lot more than previously.

The answer is still the same though, you’re going to need a board control team to get through this period until you’ve got your own Kingdom bonuses to power up your own heavy-hitting speed PvP team.


Yup, you are right dead on. I’ve noticed that. If I could like this post a million times I would.:+1:

I’m not saying the other posts are not worthy of such, I’m just saying you hit the points of what my frustration could be coming from. :rage:

Yea the answer is still the same though, I’m working towards that. :head_bandage: :grin:

Me too. @death and I travel in the same circles, so I’m surprised that he never sees them. Maybe not every 3-4, but multiple times per day, and I probably only do 15-20 battles per day.

@Stan mate I wish I was seeing them
All I see are Guardian teams. Ek-spirit fox variant.
Lol they might be in the 1-2 trophy. If I see one I’m gonna punish them :slight_smile:

I only see the same opposition for 3 trophy match. Same 7 players over and over again and not one of them changes up there team.
Starting to become very stale PvP for me at least.

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You might get a slightly different range of opponents than me based on being in a slightly more advanced guild, and being a couple hundred levels ahead. I’m pushing 800 now, so I would have thought there wouldn’t be much difference in PVP matchmaking, but I feel like I get a pretty good variety. Might be a bigger difference than I thought, though…

The NUMBER ONE thing you need in any team is real synergy and real board control. Period. 4 common troops with amazing synergy and board control will obliterate a team of mythics without any day of the week. Vampire Lord/Crimson Bat/Morthani’s Will/Lady Sapphira has ZERO true synergy. There is zero control there either. It’s just a bunch of “meh” mid-range troops that all do “meh” damage…with the exception of Bat.

Dump everything other than Bat. Put that bloodthirsty beast in the last position. Put a Valkyrie on your 3rd slot ASAP. If you have Khorvash, he’s perfect up top. If not, Treeant will do or even Knight Coronet. Anything that uses blue and has skull damage reduction will work amazingly well. In the second slot, a troop with whatever colors are left will do. Soothsayer is awesome if traited. Regardless of whatever you have, FOCUS ON FILLING UP VALKYRIE FIRST. Once she’s full, fire her off as soon as you can get a 4-match of blues. After that, you’ll cut through the other team like butter.

No matter what you end up doing, keep in mind that without a TRUE transformer, games are going to be a frustrating slogfest.


He’s on console from the looks of the thread title. Leaving skulls doesn’t work in console, they “fixed” that.

I like Templar / Valkyrie / Paladin / Mercy.

It’s not that it never works, it’s just that you never know for sure if it will work or not, since you don’t know if the opponent has ‘turned down the skulls’ in their AI setup. Most of the time, it works.

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It’s console, no matter what you do, sometimes you will lose. It really does go as OP is saying at times. I’ve won over 1000 invades this week, and it sounds accurate to me. Just lost a match where I had a green match (the only useless color for my team) forced upon me literally four times in a row while the CPU filled it’s Famine on me. It’s frustrating, but at least it happens to everyone.


Stan, reality is, against the players where it actually matters, it probably won’t work. Those are the people wise enough to adjust it. :wink:


Wait, the opponent’s AI settings have an effect on YOUR match?

Opponents on console who have lowered the “take skulls” priority on their Defense team can be deadly. If the enemy team has a particularly nasty combo of damage dealers with strong traits, I make sure to use a control deck for looping and try not to drop the turn.

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