Is this for real? (Answer: not for long)


I just tried out the new update tonight. It was a little confusing. It looks like you have to win 25 battles to increase your pvp rank one level. And after you win those 25 battles, at the end of the week you will win 100 gold and 5 souls. That can’t possibly be correct. Am I misreading something?


The PVP point numbers were bugged. It’s a known issue.


Also worth noting that your old “Rank” is now called Tier, and you can collect the rewards as soon as you earn a new Tier (at a fixed number of PVP points)

While the new “Rank” is your place on the leaderboard compared to others, and you get rewards from your final placing on it at the end of the week.


I got up to rank 14 already, just click the button and you get your rewards right away… I got the 100 gold and 5 souls already


I played 2 matches and got to tier 14 of pvp. My rank is still 15 though.


I’m tier 12 I believe


Yeah the tier bug at least seems to have been fixed.

@killerman3333 What did you mean that your rank is still at 15 though?


I am back to 15 but it is cause a little goblin fever which has me down with a losing streak.


Rank and tier are two separate lists.
Rank is what rewards you get at the end of the week and where you stand among other players.
Tier is what your rank used to be before the update. The rewards can be collected as you hit each new tier.


Yup, I think I’ve said the same elsewhere, I was just surprised that your Rank was 15, it’s generally somewhere between 1 and 1,000+


I’m tier 12 then rank 491

I have 856 PVP points


Rank is split up by battle points, when i say rank i mean based on the ranked rewards screen.


Yeah, I do understand you :wink: It’s just many people have been confusing the terms since the patch, and the fact that you’d posted that you were Rank 15 (which is also the lowest Tier number) made me wonder if you had as well. Mostly just my poor reading of your post though. Apologies.


Do not worry about it, the devs messed up the lingo so it will take some adjusting and confirming to see if we are all on the same page again.


Here is the reason I liked PvP. I tried to get to rank 1 early in the week so I could collect the extra glory each day. Then, after the last update (or one of recent ones), you got a nice weekly reward of glory, souls, and keys. Rank 1 earned a pretty respectable payoff on those.

I don’t really care what the changes are as long as I can still get similar rewards with similar effort.

Here is my next question. I was up to rank 4 for this week and was planning to up it to rank 1 last night when I ran into the update. (Played a bit, got frustrated, and started this thread. Hopefully, I wasn’t too negative.) I logged in this morning and my daily reward was based on achieving rank 12, i.e. 5 glory. I can not find that number (12) tied to my hero anywhere. In my STATS section of PvP, it shows me as rank 4279 and (old rank, I think you are saying this is now “tier”) 14.

What is 12 and how is my daily reward calculated?


The only error with this Ozball is that Tier is NOT based on a fixed number. It is based on PvP points which is a constantly falling number, due to defense losses, so unless you are constantly playing PvP then you will NOT attain higher Ranks. That is why I wrote my thread to suggest a change to how TIER rewards are awarded:


By fixed numbers I meant that the thresholds for getting the rewards were fixed numbers.

ie when you get to 600 PVP points you can claim the Tier 14 rewards, and once you reach 700 you can claim the Tier 13 rewards etc

The number of PVP points you need to be able to claim the Tier rewards is fixed, they don’t change, and you can claim the rewards as soon as you achieve that amount of points.


@Ozball Correct. The number is FIXED but to attain it is not. I am forever fighting an uphill battle. This is fine and expected in hardcore PvP, but for CASUAL PvP, it feels a bit… overwhelming. Hence the feelings of

“This game is not fun!”
“I’m quitting…”

blah blah blah


I agree there is the feeling of an uphill battle, and I pretty sure the devs will be tweaking the numbers around till it feels like that. It’s just at the moment there have been a lot of bugs to stamp out, and the PVP system needs a bit of time to settle till it starts giving everyone more appropriate opponents (and PVP point rewards assumedly). But I feel that if people are quitting within less than 12 HOURS of the patch going live… that’s a tad shortsighted.


Couldn’t agree more! That’s why I started a very calm thread about the modifications! :wink: