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Allow choice to defend during "friendlies"

I’d love to be able to pit my defense team against other player’s attack teams in the unranked matches you get from clicking on their names. Ideally the AI would take the first move, though that might be more programming to set up.

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I think the main issue with this is that a player has no fixed “attack” team, other than whatever they used last, which could be a farming team they were using to grind some traitstones (War&Peace, Soothsayerx3 for example).

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Sure. But it’s very useful for arranged testing. Just today people in my guild were asking about the team I was running for PVP. With this feature they could actually see it in action.

Oh I do agree that it would be a great idea. Just it would require sorting out a way to decide which “attack” team you fought.

Heck, you could let people choose from your entire roster of teams if you really wanted.

But if you set it to be the last team used in PVP that would be right most of the time.

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The last team used in PVP (or just used in-game, I don’t know if the game could differentiate easily) would be the best option. I think some people wouldn’t want people being able to see all their teams.


I am one of those. I have a couple amazing teams that I’ve never seen in-game or heard mentioned here that I’d prefer not to share.