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GW ingame battle feedback/stats

Currently the only information you get from your defensive teams in Guild Wars are whether it won or lost.

Would it ever be possible to get some extra stats like how much damage that team did, how many troops it killed, how many turns it lasted etc?

Seeing a defense team go 0/5 makes me think that team was crap but if it was killing troops and doing damage then maybe its wasn’t as bad as i thought. A team that went 1/4 might just have gotten a lucky roll but the other games went down like tissue paper otherwise.


What a great idea!

Maybe even let us see how our team did somehow. We can see if it was just bad AI, bad choice of troops, or just bad luck.

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Thanks but seems like your the only one who thinks so lol. :stuck_out_tongue:

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You can still view who your defense team won to or loss to on the battle log in PvP (since the two are connected).

It at least gives you an indication of how strong or weak the opponent was by looking at the profile and their defense team strength :blush:

Yeah but it doesn’t give the info i am after unfortunately. An effective defense team doesn’t have to be one that wins all the time just slow the enemy team down enough to decrease their GW score.

For example in the last 2 Guild Wars i had a Doomskull team (Glaycion/Apoth/Bloodgamer/Highforge) on purple day and it went 4/5 first time and 0/5 the second.

With this info should i think people have figured out how to defeat this team now and come up with another or where there a bunch of games where people only just won with 1 or 2 troops left?

At the moment its all completely guesswork with no feedback to go on.

I need this!

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Now if we can only get someone in charge to agree with us. :wink:

I would love this feedback as well.

It would be a really informative feature, help us a lot in building teams.