If no one plays your defense does it improve your win rate?

I am so sick of getting eaten (3 times in a row) by a lucky Maw skull match just as I was about to fill mine that I am now giving Maw teams a wide berth in pvp. Apart from ‘lucky’ Maw teams beating me I have a 98% win rate, so I am wondering if I field a Maw team which noone - or very few - choose to play - my win rate would reflect more of my actual pvp win rate. Trouble is, if that worked there would be wall to wall Maw defense teams I guess - until they seperate the defense wins/losses from the ‘actual’ pvp wins/losses.


I myself an giving every maw team a wide berth. I feel like the insta kill is way too much of a risk. In also thoroughly regretting not fully traiting up maw.

Eh, give it a week or so. My money’s on a Maw nerf coming.

or mercy please not mercy >.< …

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I’m definitely someone who already avoids Maws because they gave me my first 4 losses after having 500+ clean wins when they were introduced.

I missed the bandwagon and Maw is one of the 5 troops I currently don’t have.

Yeah, Maw is pretty ridiculous. I have to use a Maw team just to counter people who use a Maw team. I have 2 loses right now. One was from a disconnect and the other is from a Great Maw getting a double devour in 1 turn.

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On that note, has anyone else seen Maw still get multiple devours out of a single skull spamsplosion? I really don’t think the bug is fixed. I’ve also seen my lead troop occasionally rush out to multi-shot an AoE from another troop, like I’ve seen IK do in the past.

I still think its Maw + Mercy more so than just Maw. It becomes a question of ‘Do you have Mercy to get that yellow before they do?’ (‘If no, you lose.’) Unless purple/yellow doesn’t match up enough, but it happens enough.

I’ve had Maw kill the lead troop with skull damage (displaying as zero damage) and then devour the next one in line with Hunger on a multi-skull hit, which I’m pretty sure is still not as intended. He can also now leave an invulnerable troop with 0 HP when Hunger procs off skull damage and the next troop has less total hits than he has attack, as he still deals the actual skull damage after the Hunger check, which will be to the following troop if it happens to trigger, but the client will not update the next troops display HP until after it has changed again. If this leaves the troop with 0 HP (and possibly only if they are the last remaining troop), they become an invulnerable phantom, unable to take damage, be targeted or gain mana, but still able to deal skull damage, and the battle is basically unwinnable at this point. The phantom troop glitch also occurred in previous versions, but the battle would end then and there (you would not get the soul for this last troop, though).

On topic: I recently changed my defense team to a true damage team with Gorgotha at the front. Win rate went up significantly after that. Still think you should not lose points for your AI defend, because any team under AI control can be beaten rather easily most of the time (and if they can’t, they are basically broken and something is off there). Taking out Maw teams is usually pretty easy for me because Maw is soft before he devours and takes a long time to charge, and Mercy AI is fairly terrible, but that doesn’t stop them from occasionally devouring on the first skull hit, from off screen, which basically puts you so deep as to not be worth the time to even try and recover from it. Most good teams are able to run the board like this if they get lucky, Maw simply gets more potential off a single match than any other troop in the game - by far.

@Shimrra - True - and when its a question of “shall I use my mercy first to match all those 3x yellows OR match those 3 skulls…” …wah waaaaah…you lose (invariably)

Of course. That one always sucks.

I still don’t really understand the problem people seem to have with Mercy. Whenever i play against a Mercy she sets up the board nicely for me to collect some yellows. Extremely rarely do i encounter a starting board with yellow/purple clusters i couldn’t break up to avoid an AI 4 match with Mercy.
But even when, if there was any other troop with that opposing Mercy than a Great Maw i wouldn’t even care for all the yellow mana the opponent gets first turn.
It is what Maw makes with the yellow mana that makes it decisive not Mercys transformation. What Mercy does, an Alchemist could do too if the starting board was lucky with a red/brown surge.
It would be ridiculous to actually nerf Mercy for an annoyance that is so clearly caused by the power of Maws spell not hers…


Yes, it’s still a thing.