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New Maw Hunger - Devour Odds?

Lots of complaints about Maw recently. I was just on the reverse end of that, odds wise. I was completing a Broken Spire 8 Wins Task. Easy …

Gob-Chomper***, Mercy***, +2 Giants. I selected the “King’s Bounty” Challenge in Zenjin (All Marauders)
Chomp has a 40% Devour vs Marauders

Used Chomp 2-6 times per game. Average 3 to 3.5 castings per game
3 TOTAL Devours over about 24-28 casting. (about 11%)
That’s what a pretty small sample gets you…

In Short: I don’t think anyone would ever complain if they LOWERED Maw’s Hunger 3rd trait.
To 5% Perhaps?

Many of the complainers would still complain because they will always be angry at the randomness of being devoured.

Personally, I wouldn’t care if they lowered it to 10% for hunger. Yet, I don’t get my panties in a bunch over Maw. With most people with good teams having over 90% win rates, I’m not sure why so many get the mob nerf bats out over Maw.

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Good point on the win percentages. Now if the computer alternately had the first move then maw would legitimately be annoying

My issue with Maw (on Console) is it brought with it six glitches/bugs, two that crash the game and count as losses for you.

I refuse to use Maw or fight any team that uses it. Troop is so broken, it’s currently unplayable

I havent had a single issue yet. What are they?

The problem with Maw is that when in the top slot it gets lots and lots of “rolls” or chances at 15%.

Have a little Skull spam troop in the lineup and its over. Lowering the percentage to 5 or 10 reduces the silliness without loosing the flavor and danger of The Great Maw

You can cast Sandstorm more than once if you use multiple Maws

Maw creates “Ghost Troops”

Maw can Devour multiple Troops with one attack

Maw can Devour despite doing ZERO damage

Games will randomly crash at the end of a battle with Maw in it

Sandstorm will randomly crash the game upon casting

EDIT: I’ve also been keeping track of Hunger’s proc rate.

I have 322 Devours in 1572 Skull matches recorded for a rate of 20.48%

If I add the Skull clusters witnessed, and assume them to be 2 matches, I get 581/2110 for 27.55%. If I assume Skull clusters to be 3 matches, it’s 581/2374 for 24.47%

In other words, it’s highly beneficial to use a Skull generator with Maw, as the BROKEN 5-match mechanic SEVERELY favours Skulls and Skull-based abilities/Spells.

Oh yeah, im currently taking the piss utilising the first glitch

Small sample is small, though that is pretty far off mark. I’d be interested to see the results for about 4 times as many casts to see if it trends upward a bit. My experience with the 40% devourers (on PC) were occasional droughts of 4-6 casts, occasional streaks of 1-2, with the overall percent trending somewhere toward 40%, but it could be possible something is messed up with the percent on Console.

Regarding Maw, Hunger would going to hit randomly at 5%, or 10%, and if you create the situation where you can get Hunger devoured, regardless of the percent, it will happen eventually. Wouldn’t it be even more rage inducing for a 5% Hunger to devour one or two of your troops? It will happen. I just always assume its 100% if I let an enemy Maw take skulls. I’d still play like this if Hunger had 10%, 5%, or even 1% devour chance, it would just be more frustrating to use on invades because you’d have longer droughts of it not working for you. Sometimes its not 100% possible to avoid them taking skulls, and this sucks, which is why I’m hoping that eventually Entangle will block “on skull damage” traits. On PC we have devour immunities and stun to remove the Hunger trait now, so you’ll eventually also have that as a counter. In addition, there are a lot of glitches revolving around him that have yet to be fixed on Console.

True enough. The devs already stated that they found a bug in which the 15% was stacking with skull spam. I’m not sure if that has been fixed. I kill Maws before they ever get a chance to spam me. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, if they fix that bug, I don’t see an issue with 10% chance of devour.