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Did maw get his devour third trait back?

Played someone and Maw had prenerf third trait. Didn’t know if they had changed something

Isnt that Maw on your team? Did the trait ever cast?

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Yes and he didn’t get skill increases with skull matches. Just wondering if anyone else has seen it.

what platform are you playing on?

He is probably playing on PC, other platforms don’t have famine.

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Or the team strength numbers, but she could be talking about mobile.

I play on Android. I played this morning and had a download. When I rechecked Maw his past hunger third trait was gone and had been restored with current skill increase with skull matches. So it seems for a day he had reverted back to his old self.

Originally I had seen it on someone else’s team so I checked one of my older Maw teams to verify.

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I’ll let the team know when they get back into the office on Monday.

I am on ps4 and i noticed maw with that 3rd trait .
Wait if this is fixed then why does maw show hunger?
Update just checked and ps4 maw show hunger for 3rd trait 15 percent chance to devour on skull damage

Console hasn’t received the rebalance pass that removed Devour from Hunger.

Sigh so we still have to put with this on console?
Eeeeh ok…sigh.

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