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The New "The Great Maw"

So after 50 games with the new “The Great Maw” he actually feels stronger then before.

As annoying as it is not having the 15% devour chance, he gets as strong as he used too with a second devour.

I like this change and approve this =P


Didnt even know it was changed. Crikey.

Is there a renewed reason to use more than 1 Maw just for the 3rd trait?

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Seems like a pretty good work-around. New 3rd trait- Hunger- Gain 2 to all skills with skull gem matches.

Although i do NOT approve :baby:, he does feel more balanced, but less strong, even with a 15%, depending on your setup (skull spawner or not) that third trait helped immensely, i rather see an IK trait on maw with 15% to return at 50% stats (cut a worm in 2…)

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Eh, I’d say around 2/3. It depends on the level of opponents you are facing. The flat +2 from the trait is going to make up much more of the difference if you are fighting opponents with no 5 stars and around legendary ascensions than if you are facing full kingdom starred opponent with full mythics. He’s still roughly as effective on offense in most situations as he was pre patch (excluding stuff like multi-gorgotha, which is fairly trivial anyway), just a bit slower. On defense, though, hes absolutely toothless - without the threat of instant annihilation from a single skull match, you can play the match like pretty much every other match without actually needing to bring a counter. Overall, it was a pretty effective way to deal with the complaints and make him less random while keeping his actual role in a group relatively the same (minus insta-kill), even if the change came a bit late (the Impervious immunity to devour now seems like a bit much).


More often then not the opponents i fight are in the 8k+ range with almost all 5 star kingdoms. But you have to remember using a skull generator team you have more then enough cascades to fully utilize his trait now.
95% of games last night i had my maw on 60+ atk by the end of the game and by using the skull generators it buffs the atk more then enoigh to oneshot most things.
I do agree about armoured troops though, no insta kill but its not often you vs a team that has more then one. And thats where you focus his ability. Theres only one card that i hate to skull hit with Maw and that gloom leaf, after one hit the second starts to get risky when you buff it.

Personally I think this might be the first time I’ve been happy that consoles are so far behind.


Yeah, not saying he isn’t effective, just that he doesn’t usually get as big as he did before in most fights. He certainly can get to the point he would have been at after a second devour in terms of attack, as 10 skull matches gets you 20 attack, but his life and armor are considerably lower than had he eaten a second full health enemy (not uncommon with skull spam), which would have given usually a total of around 60-80. 10 skull matches from a boosted Maw is also usually enough to finish off any team without extreme skull resistance. The ending stats of most my Maw games pre-patch would have him at 60-70 attack and a combined life/armor of around 150+, depending on how many hits I took and what I was facing. Now, he ends with about 2/3 (okay, maybe 3/4) of that. Not that it matters much at that point since you already have control and probably wont be taking any more hits since you’ve already won, but if for some reason you happened to lose control, the extra 30-40 life might end up mattering. Usually not. On defense it loses to pretty much any team I throw at it now. I think most people would view it as a win/win. Its not quite the same feel as running through devouring a whole team, but in the end, it still gets the job done.

The other benefits to the current version is that it is even more reliable (even though the 15% was ridiculously effective, it still did fail to fire occasionally) and that he gets the bonuses even if he isn’t in the first spot, which makes it more versatile. Also, he can now once again skull spam through even full Impervious teams just fine.

I think it’s a pretty solid solution. He still has the timer where you know the devour is coming, and he still gets big and can melt multiple troops in a single skull spam; however, the RNG that’s super frustrating for players is no longer there.


Post nerf, run 2 of him because it is worth it.

EDIT: Sorry, wrong thread.