Devs: Please fix Great Maw

I am ok going into a battle knowing there is a chance of being devoured. As of lately 25-45% of teams I face on console have 1, 2 or 3 Maws. I have to keep spending gold to avoid these teams because they are bugged, its what I have to do. I have to continually cycle through matches looking for teams without them because I know they get a 100% devour and a ridiculous skull damage proc rate. I just had a match where 3 of my troops were devoured due to skull damage before Maw was even charged. Broken! At least look into fixing it and give us an update. Thanks in advance!


Wait for the next game update. You’ll get your wish soon enough.

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When the maw fix roles out for pc/mobile, know that it comes to console. Basicly it is on its way.

Indeed, you don’t have too long to wait for the Maw fix. I’m sorry it was out there for as long as it has been already!


Not your fault you get broken Troops in the first place.

I can’t beleive you are apologizing?!

If they are unbalanced, I agree. But we added some extra broken-ness that we should have avoided.

…why? We make mistakes all the time (“we” being all humans), and it’s a critical skill to recognize and correct those mistakes quickly.


What “broken-ness” did you add?

Some of the multiple-skull madness was a console-specific problem.

As well, Maw should be a single cast regardless of how many are on your team.

Yes, our broken “single-cast” system was another console-specific bug.

So… how many Tuesdays until the patch?

It’s a non-negative, non-zero rational number.

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Jokes like this can be dangerous to use around those with mathematical degrees :wink:

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‘Rational’ might be pushing it :smiling_imp:

@Mr.Strange Glad it’s on its way. Thanks for the update. I don’t mind playing against a dangerous troop. Put two or more together and it is madness!

I do not think you did anything wrong. You were given something broken and you released it at around the same time as when pc/mobile got the fix. It seemed like you had no idea a fix was inbound so it is not your fault for releasing the broken maw. Think of it like buying a pot in a box as a gift. You give that gift to someone but you had no idea that the pot in the box was broken so when that person gets it and opens it to find that it is broken, the person who sold it to you would be at fault.