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Possible agile/last enemy troop bug

I was down against Hobgoblin as the last enemy troop, Maw couldnt devour him with his 25 mana skill. Nor Bone dragon could take him down, he didnt lose any armour and after 15 agiles a row from skull matches I quited the match.

It kinda dissapoint me that I was losing my winning streak because of his match.

So the Maw didn’t devour him? It could be related to the dead troop bug we’re currently investigating.

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Thanks for a such fast reply, youre great! :slight_smile:

True, and after I was using Maws and BDs skill to select the enemy to attack it was like a little darker like one couldnt thought that he was selectable. But he was selectable, but impossible to take down or lose any stats. Like it was locked.

Another one from the Known Issue thread. Exact same problem as I had with a different troop, also exploding skull didnt help.

Another one, cant take last mercy down, and had to quit. :frowning:

We’ve determined that the ghost troop bug is being caused by the Great Maw. We’re still working on the fix for it.


I had it happen twice with Infernal King though. If I get it on video I will post.

Enemy soothsayer has just fired his spell, there came up “skill not available to use” or something like that, obviously because there was no purple gems. However I am unable to do anything afterwards.

This is a known bug and it seems they should have a fix for it soon:

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