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When Great Maw is Superfluous


This, this right here is why i said that maw’s debuf was a buff in disguise. Like it had to be in a skull team just to make that 15% work but now look it is even worse with a better skull spam team.

You can put a Peasant on top of IK/Mercy/Sheggra and still win every time.

Maybe but maw gets bigger with each skull match instead of each devour, which makes him grow sorta faster as far as speed in which he gains stats. Also i love the team you built, nice game too.

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from 11secs tot 29secs brain is going “ok ok so brown to red and green to skulls, brown to red and green to skulls, brown to red and green to… ah nvm” click


I left that in on purpose to show how unfamiliar I was with Infernal King lol.

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I lost a game with them just now. Can you call the paramedics for me please