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Looking to Speed up Play (Maw/Mercy)

After grinding out the 6 Runic Traitstones need I now have Mercy triple trained. I am looking for ways to sped up my matches. I am using the following for Invades:

Any suggestions?
PS I’m on Console.

Desert Banner (Y/B)
All tropes Level 19

The Great Maw***
Keeper of Souls*
The Great Maw***

Do not run two maws on your team Try
Great maw
Infernal knight
Bone dragon

We don’t have the Infernal King on console.

I’m just looking to speed things up when Mercy can’t find a P/Y match right off the bat.

I can’t remember any other builds that replaced Infernal king (i called him a knight lol) maybe replace him with jarl perhaps?

Maybe skeleton instead of kos? Fills up faster

The Great Maw***
Bone Dragon***
Skeleros*** or Green Slime *** (depending on opponent team)

Orc Banner (Brown/Red) with Skeleros
Broken Banner (Brown/Blue) with Green Slime

The trick to smooth, fast gameplay is to only use Mercy if she will get an Extra Turn or you will hurt yourself.

I’m currently using

Maw ***
Deep Borer *
Bone Dragon *
Mercy ***
(+2 brown banner)

Deep Borer covers red mana and converts gems to brown, helping out Maw (and Bone Dragon). Also Deep Borer destroys all gems in a single column which has managed to help me to finish filling up maw when a match isn’t possible to do the job, even when the resulting brown gems don’t match.

Biggest problems I’ve come across are teams that use Treant/Tyri at the top which removes brown gems, making it hard to charge Maw. That or the AI getting very lucky drops and just killing off Maw with skull drops before I can charge him. Now that Mercy is released, however, maybe it’s a better idea to switch the banner to +2 yellow and just rely on that, although bone dragon will suffer.

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Until they fixe bug this is the quickest team right now

Just curious, how is that going to speed things up?

Each Maw can cast their spell, allowing you to devour 3 troops instead of one, until the bug is fixed. That being said it’s not the easiest task in the world to get them all charged up, even when their resulting cast creates yellow/brown gems.

I’ll give this and VegaDark541 team a try, thanks.

Mercy fill maw #1
Maw# 1 devour and refill maw# 2
Maw #2 devour and refill maw #3
Maw #3 devour and 1 last guy to kill if not already dead with skulls

Game over in less then a minute

That particular team looks SUPER SLOW to me if Mercy does not have a 4 match of Yellow/Purple. Do you just resign if there is no 4-match to speed things along?

If no purple connect i just match yellow or brown or skulls usualy eat the first guy cause of third trait. It look slow but trust me when first maw is full you can’t stop the train

Im planning that team in the future; except for the 4th troop. Im hoping the brown generator that gets released slides in nicely, be great if it used red as one of its mana colours.

I made a video to show you how easy it is

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Unfortunately for me, my Maw’s third trait only procs about 15% of the time. So while its is nice, I can’t rely on it.

I really need a mana generator or an Empowered troop. The SPEED issue only come into play if I can not find a Mercy mana match right off the bat.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions I’ll give the teams a try.

Watch the vid maw is your generator

Could try using an Empowered Siren. That has the potential to backfire, but aside from Mercy there’s no reliable Empowered mana generators to feed your Maw.

I don’t like her she always choose the color i don’t need