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I may have found the answer to Great Maw creating "ghost Troops"

But first I need one last data point.


Is Hunger coded to act like a Status Effect, applied after damage dealt?


Maw is on consoles as well so do you have any input on this as well?

Maw’s devour triggers before damage is dealt on PC/Mobile. I don’t know about consoles though.

Should be easy to tell depending on what stats are devoured. I dont have him traited

It is not a status effect coding as it would then be blocked by impervious without alteration. (check for “status effect” = true/false) assuming that the coding for impervious is coded with a check for tag.

I said like a Status Effect, in that it applies after damage dealt. When you kill a Troop with a Spell that applies a Status Effect, it applies to the next Troop.

It’s the same behavior as Hunger


passes a glass of cider to @TaliaParks