Black Beast, should it stun?

I ran into an interesting hiccup in PvP today. I know from the 3.0.5 update that the Beast is supposed to dispel before devouring so it bypasses barrier. Should it also stun? In a team with Impervious the ability functions as ‘heal to full, create 6 skulls’ because passive resistance is still in place. I don’t think it’s exactly game breakingly powerful, but it seems counter to the devs intentions given their workarounds for Barrier.

I’m not sure if I follow what you’re saying. You attempted to devour an impervious troop of your own and it failed, but did heal and generate skulls? If so, this is what I would expect to happen.

Since impervious troops are immune to stun, what you’re suggesting wouldn’t make any difference.

Or are you saying that by not devouring an ally, Black Beast is getting an unfair advantage by being able to still heal to full and generate some skulls if the target is impervious?

The opponent’s team in this case, but yes. And good point on the impervious vs stun, I was thinking of indigestible.

My over all point was that the devs went out of their way to remove Barrier’s interaction with Black Beast when they changed Barrier to prevent devour, but there are still plenty of troops it doesn’t work on. It seems like either Black Beast should be perfectly lethal or it is an interaction they’re not worried about so why bother fixing it in Barrier’s case only?

That’s a good question, but I think the difference might be that barrier is a temporary effect while impervious and indigestible are intrinsic to the troop. It makes some sense to me that devour limitations would be symmetrical.