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Maw Enhancement Request

Not sure whether to call this a bug or an enhancement request, but I went with the latter. When casting Great Maw’s spell, I’d like to see the troops that can’t be devoured (impervious, for example) grayed out (like you do for stealthy troops). The way this is currently working is if I happen to pick someone that can’t be devoured, it casts the spell anyway, doesn’t devour, and I can no longer cast my spell the rest of the game.


I thought about this (after accidentally targeting Plague, after swapping back from my mobile - where I could do that)…

The issue is that it should be consistent with other, similar abilities. For instance, Kerberos. It has a chance to devour, but it shouldn’t be unable to cast the ability at all on those targets.

Its easy to forget that Sandstorm also creates 8 Brown and 8 Yellow gems on the board, whatever that’s worth.

With greying out/unselectable Troops, if you face an all-Impervious team you automatically lose if you activate Great Maw’s spell.


I don’t mean to be offensive or rude, but really? Maybe it should automatically chose the most optimal opponent to devour too? you have to check 4 (FOUR) cards (and that’s if you don’t know which troops DO have impervious)… before casting

the list of things people request from DEV’s is long, and this sounds like a waste of time imo :frowning:

personally I think it’s great, that you waste the cast if you’re not paying attention (and yes, I did that too, tried to devour something impervious, laughed at my own brainfart, moved on, being more careful now).


All troops with impervious trait
The list is very short, so very easy to remember, not to mention that you check traits at any moment during battle. And you can visually see if troop is traited or not.
Oh right there’s also one troop with Indigestible - Rock troll.

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As @Shimrra said, it’s not about needing this, it’s about consistency.

Then again, consistency with what?
I don’t really remember wich spells could show an unselectable target when it comes to targeting cards. Maybe the only existing case would be with Lamia when a troop doesn’t have any adjacent card alive (I’m not sure about this)

Anyway, if this request were to be considered, of course, when there are no available targets, the spell should be wasted with the “no targets available” smiley.

Also, Jackelope should have the same thing with Mana Burn immunes and Sand Cobra shouldn’t be able to target impervious targets either.

Then comes the case of having 2 targets, one immune and the other stealthy, what happens then? A bit of a pain for devs to consider all things when this is totally a waste of their time in my opinion.

Edit : sorry Tacet, I initially tagged you instead of Shimrra, I see you both as high end players, active on forums and having a dragon as avatar, so I mix you up sometimes ^^’

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Would like +3 to all skills on skull matches :slight_smile: (i haven’t used since the update tbh)

I think there would only be a need for it with Maw. There are other troops that have a chance to devour, but usually the chance to devour is not the sole reason for casting their spell. Also unlike other troops with this feature, Maw can only be cast once in the game. I seriously doubt people are using Maw’s one and only cast to put some yellow and brown gems on the board.

As for what the Devs want to spend their time on, I’ll leave that up to them. This is really just a nice to have. I’m not threatening to quit the game if this isn’t done like some players do on other issues.

That’s a good point someone had about if all the troops are impervious or indigestible, I’m not sure what would be a good answer in that situation.

I’m a little surprised by all the backlash on this. it was, after all, just a request.

It forces you to retreat and take a loss because you can’t select a Troop and you can’t “uncast” once you choose to use a Spell.

I think it’s a fine request, and not everyone has the trait list memorized. That being said, I think the chances of this being acted upon by the devs are pretty slim.

No other ability works this way when targeting an impervious troop. It’s up to you to not make a mistake by targeting an immune troop.

I think you could take a middle ground here. Allow the spell to be cast on them, but have some message or indicator other than the small trait icon over the troop that they are impervious.

There also needs to be some kind of internal check. I just won a PvP battle that I almost certainly would have lost because I let Maw get fully charged. Unfortunately, the AI decided to target the ONE troop in my entire deck that couldn’t be devoured…

I just did this twice.

And, yeah, I could have double-checked the traits… but I would have had to do it before I hit ‘cast’ which, I have to say, is not how my brain works.

Please gray out the impervious targets!

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Please make maw target first enemy so I can counter with first place behemoth