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OMG!3 Great Maw can be used in one battle

i just cant believe.:grin:maybe its a bug.QQ截图20170909153058

Now try to eat your opponent’s Behemoth.

(Both of these are bugs.)


Yep a bug for sure and has been brought up elsewhere too. :grin:

I wonder if this also means more than one Dwarven Slayer can be cast as well?

I can believe it with all the new bugs popping up constantly

Yep but it doesn’t work very well

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I think OP is using three great maws. Edit. Just realized my fault. Sorry folks

The bug with Great Maw is an issue that we are currently working on fixing.


@Saltypatra I lost my first GW battle today because of this


Anything you can do like give me another chance at it? or is it just a loss?

Unfortunately GW battles can’t be given back. You can submit a ticket for resource compensation, but the GW battle will still be registered as a loss.

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@Maxx we can’t give you another shot unfortunately, it’s not possible with the calculations and GW’s setup, etc. However, we can offer lost battle compensation if you contact support.


Thanks @Ozball and @Saltypatra I don’t care about the gold or anything I just badly need the points

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Does this mean Black Beast gets fixed too :frowning:
I like my Big Black Bugged Beast.

The current interaction between Black Beast and Devour Immunity is a completely separate from both mutli-one shots and impervious not working and is the long standing interaction between Black Beast’s spell and devour immunity - he devours the troop (step 1), heals to full (step 2), and spawns skulls (step 3). Similarly, Maw, when targeting a devour immune, will still get the board mod; he devours the enemy (step 1), then spawns 9 yellow and 9 brown gems (step 2), and Kerberos will get the damage if his devour triggers but is resisted; 40% chance to devour (step 1) and then deal damage (step 2). Having something resist step 1 does not prevent the other steps from processing. Whether or not this the intended behavior or not might still be questionable, but there is precedent for it working this way as long as it has been in the game, they would have to go out of their way to fix it when it only beneficially affects one troop, and not by much (since you don’t actually get any stats from the failed devour), and the fix might require adding an entirely new condition check and therefore client patch. They certainly have bigger fish to fry.

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Respectfully, my screenshot prove two Maws equal two devours.


But I was responding to the post about Black Beast, not Maw. I know Maw is broken, because one shots are not working as intended (and impervious doesn’t stop him). Black Beast not devouring a devour immune ally (in this case, fortitude) but still getting the full heal and skulls is the way he has always worked (since devour immunity of any kind was added).

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Rightio! Let’s move on, I’m sorry!

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I think Black Beast (Devour/sacrifice ally mechanic) is a tad under utilised. It does make for interesting, though sometimes ineffective, team compositions.

Thanks, I thought it was a glitch.
Well, ok, I can keep having fun with
Black Beast/Apothecary/Cockatrice/Drake Rider