Why Would Anyone Want to NERF This?

Why you guys keep complaining about maw being over powered?

He’s just a cute little pokemon worm.

The enemy had Maw in position 1 and I devoured it on skull hit.
I cast Maw and devoured Mercy in position 4.
In position 2 was Infernal King. I devoured him on skul hit and he resurrected into position 1.
I devoured him a second time on skull hit.

Then I cast Sunweaver a few times just for fun.

Total troops devoured = 4

Add a few buffs and with four devours you get;

250 damage
14 armor
354 health

Not over powering at all.

And then due to some error, he became cast-able again???

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Yeah poor Maw gets unfair stick haha

How common is it to devour on skull hit? 15% is accurate?

That many devours is not a regular occurence is it?

It’s suppose to be 15% but It honestly seems to me like I get it more than 15%. Maybe I am just lucky.

There have been several battles where I manage to devour three troops. There are some where I manage to devour all four troops but that isn’t common. I have done it several times though.

The above game was honestly exceptional. It was the first time I ever saw a bug which would allow me to cast maw twice too.

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Well, that’s one way to report a bug. But one @Sirrian might miss if he isn’t tagged.

I could swear I got a double cast on maw today too. Had to double-take.

It’s not uncommon when skull spamming. The 15% chance is calculated for each individual skull match, and devour is activated before the damage, so devouring an entire team is somewhat lucky, but not unlikely when paired with troops like Bone Dragon.

I also believe the second cast is thanks to Sunweaver, the Mana powering seems to be capable of bypassing the permanent silence (minus the ‘can’t cast’ aspect).

So while these are both glitches, they are not new ones and are more so mechanic abuse. (Not punishable ones, mind you, so fret not.)