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Starting petition against trick or treat abuse!

It’s going to be the latest thing.
Guess what’s coming to Zaejin:

Spore Shot: Create 7 Gems of a chosen enemy’s Mana Color. 20% chance to transform them into a Giant Toadstool.

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you’re killing me :sob::slight_frown::sob:

i thought im gonna stay in this game for good but im pretty sure if things gonna transform my pvp teams the game will become a chore and ill justt get tired of it

Or Khorvash + Manticore’s use will increase 1,000%.

being forced to use EK/manticore is a chore i like to change my invade team every 2-3weeks to not get bored

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impossible :frowning: already most of the defense teams in pvp are either the new-old Manticore / Manticore / Deep Borer / Bone Dragon, or something with EK, and now we’ll also have to use it in attack?

Not overly hot for the idea of facing stuff that can randomly perma-CC my team. Not to mention the fact that often attack teams are built around 1 specific dmg dealer, if that thing gets transformed it’s either an instant loss, or a huge pain in the ass to finish the game.

It’s great to see new ideas of new mechanics introduced to the game, so that it won’t get boring - but I have the feeling Transform will be the new-old manticore (time to start dodging even more match-ups again :frowning: )

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From what we’ve found in testing, transform is like a watered-down devour… it removes a single troop, but rather than power up the enemy, it gives you something instead.

It is not currently affected by Impervious… if we find it becoming a problem, that’s a change we can make though.

But looking back at the meta, troops with devour chance never took over, so I doubt that troops with transform chance ever will.


it will mess up mana usage

edit: well i hope the chance is low enough then :slight_smile:

I would say that dealing with small amounts of adversity (e.g. having your mana usage disrupted for a time) is part of the strategy for me, and is what keeps me interested in games like this. I do understand that everyone’s mileage may vary though, and I’d expect to see quite a few Imps this week, since he’s a new toy… but as usual we’ll keep a close eye on it.


thank you for the quick reply and being considerate =)
leaving it in hands and eyes of devs then

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I think it would be a bit more balanced if it transformed for a certain number of turns, then turned back to your normal troop.

I see a lot of very frustrating games in my future.

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I am fine with transform troops as long as all of them are random or an extremely high mana cost for 100%. I also think transform needs to be yet another things that needs immunity/impervious though otherwise it will just be yet another thing that can only be countered with mana drain.

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Please see:





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“if 9 => devour” ? :stuck_out_tongue:

100% devour on cast isn’t really a chance…

Also, why I expect we will never see a “Blah chance to transform enemy troop on blah” trait.

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That wasn’t a reference to his cast. I’m not sure how long you have been playing, but The Great Maw’s third trait used to have a 15% chance to devour the enemy troop when it dealt skull damage. At the time, Impervious also did NOT repel the devour. For months, the Defend Team meta was DOMINATED by The Great Maw front-running for a team of other deplorable minions (Infernal King, Mercy, Sheggra/Bone Dragon). Maw would devour at least one of your troops, without fail, per match. Obviously, this was just an observational bias, but the sentiment of the grief it caused remains. This was the bane of many players and is an example of the meta being dictated DIRECTLY by the chance of a trait.

My point was that you’re using “Blah chance of devour on blah” trait in an argument on “Blah chance of transform enemy” on a spell.

I agree regarding the devour chance on Maw’s trait. Hence my comment regarding an expectation that there will never be a “Transform enemy chance” trait. I was just starting to hit endgame when the Zhul’Kari rework added devour and mana burn immunity to Impervious.

Transforming an enemy is weaker than devouring.

You still remove the troop, but you replace it with something instead of gaining all it’s stats on one of your troops. Heck, it’s arguably weaker than outright killing the troop like Bullseye and Assassinate because it leaves a troop there, but it also changes which colors of mana the enemy team is blocked on.

Transform is also a new mechanic, and I think the devs are being cautious about not repeating the debacle regarding Maw’s guaranteed devour spell and/or the original Hunger trait with careless use of “transform enemy” abilities.

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I never made an argument for or against the transformation being a good or bad mechanic. My reply was a direct response to the line of text that I quoted.

That is simply untrue.

Sorry, I should have been a little more clear with what I wrote.
That should read "Troops with a spell that has only a percentage chance to devour never took over the meta… that’s true, since Kerberos & Sand Shark are fine. Maw was a problem because of the trait AND the 100% chance on spell cast.


The spell itself was not a problem, the problem was when it was filled within the first two turns of the match by Mercy.

The problem was now well Maw synergized with certain other troops, insta devour with skull spammers AND insta-cast with Mercy. The synergy between Those four troops was just stupidly high. By nerfing Maw, you only took away a small portion of that synergy.

Mercy is the real sleeper troop.

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Fair enough. I can coincide with that.