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XBOX event delayed until July 14th

Microsoft is unable to push some of our recent changes live until July 14th. So to maintain order, we’re keeping the existing weekly event live 2 more days - the “new” event will go live on the 14th.

The event has rolled over on the PS4 normally - this delay is only for players on XBOX. We’re very sorry for this delay.


Drifting Sands IS available to unlock & play, and all Drifting Sands troops are available in chests, including the event chests. It is the shop bundles which are delayed.

It seems to be working fine on xbox. Drifting Sands is there and I’ve gotten some of troops out of event chests. Ifrit bundle is live in the shop.

I think he talk about the event chest in shop

The one we buy with glory

@exx How long ago did you attempt the Event chest for Drifting Sands troops?

Not sure if Mr Strange decided to revert the chests back to Broken Spire after making that announcement.

Sorry i rebooted and yes ifrit is finaly there

But it’s still the old troops in packs (sheegra and teraxis)

Ok, saves me the trouble about asking for that new awesome armor I was gonna pay $$$ for.

Any infos about this yet??? Im on x1 and still can’t see the armor

I am just a pony.
Doing Arena all the time.
I need souls like crazy.
But these same-weapon heroes cross my line.


Power play is “My Little Phony”

i read this to the tune of singing it with the beat of the mlp:fim opening.

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Not the MLP song I was going for with that…

Just wondering, when are the shop special bundles for Drifting Sands going to be available for XBOX One players? I still do not see them this morning.

Is there an update to when we will see the Shop Bundles on XBOX One? There is still nothing but the normal bundles that appear every week.

No update yet. We’re as confused as anyone why it isn’t available, as we were assured it would go up on July 14.

We ARE looking into it, though, and hope to know something soon.


Thank you finaly some news

I find it odd how the Broken Spire weekly packs returned yesterday only to be removed again today when the new day started. Drifting Sands weekly packs still unavailable. Maybe, the Sandshark swallowed up the XB1 merchants.

@Nex Thanks for the feedback gifts in my in-game mailbox. That was very kind.

I hope Xbox Operations hasn’t thrown in the towel on you this weekend on solving the missing Shop Bundles problem!

We all deserve this new armor for free with all this waiting :slight_smile:

Whoa now, don’t be greedy.

So is XBOX going to see the Shop Bundles for Drifting Sands … or are we going to miss out on the Troop and Weapon packs for this kingdom?