Today's PS4/Xbox One "update" has been rolled back

Hey everyone,

A number of PS4 and Xbox One players have been seeing weird behavior with the game for the past six hours (give or take). Some have reported problems traiting troops while others have reported issues with how stats are displayed. Unfortunately, that’s on us.

It seems that earlier today a tiny piece of the upcoming update was added to the server-side code for the console versions of Gems of War. This was NOT the update in full, but was instead a small fraction of the upcoming update, which is why it caused so many glitches. We’re still investigating the cause of this problem, but in the meantime, we’ve reverted the server-side code to where it was last night. That should fix the problems you’ve been seeing.


That Ifrit looked mighty nice. For the people that bought it, will it be there waiting for them when Drifting Sands does go live?

If you bought something that’s not yet unlocked, it should be hidden from you now, but will come back when the unlock day arrives.

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I can confirm Ifrit will stay, it counts in the Troop total in the Guild Roster