Do any of the developers care about the console version?

Once again the items listed for sale with the weekly reset are WRONG! Supposed to be Bone Dragon for purchase with 120 glory, but it’s Aziris, and Skull blade is supposed to be the weapon, but there is a pic of a treasure map! Also in the news it says this weekly event ends on February 19th. Does anyone proof read this stuff or test to make sure everything is working right. Seems to me they just copy paste some previous weekly event at the last minute and don’t give two sh*ts about anything!

@Nex - just tagging you to draw your attention

Nex works with the consol devs to address player issues on the ps4 and xbox.

Bone Dragon at least shows up as an available troop in the list for Xbox one. I’m sure not going to buy it until I know for sure that’s the troop I’ll get though.

For a second I thought that February 19th date was all the way back from when PC/Mobile had theirs, but it is a couple weeks off.

The only good thing about the console versions not working is it gets a lot more people to go to the Steam version instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

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And the steam/mobile version is indeed much more awesome.

Sorry for all the troubles you’re seeing. We’re aware of the problems and are currently working on a fix. Meanwhile, I can tell you that while that February end date is incorrect, the rest of the news you’re seeing is the proper update. You guessed right: It was copy/pasted from an earlier, identical event, but the date didn’t get changed.

As for “Bone Dragon” and that “Treasure Map,” I’d suggest holding off on purchasing either until we’ve fixed this problem. As of now, if you buy “Bone Dragon” you’ll get Aziris, while the “Treasure Map” awards you a Skullblade. Obviously, this isn’t intended, and we’re working on a solution to be released as soon as possible.

UPDATE: I just spoke with the devs and the issue should be fixed shortly. Meanwhile, we’re going to issue 100 Glory to all console players to apologize for the inconvenience.

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, but there’s been a change of plans. In lieu of the blanket 100 Glory award for everyone, Customer Service will be issuing refunds for Glory you’ve spent. If you tried to purchase a Bone Dragon or Treasure Map and ended up with Aziris or a Skullblade, please submit a ticket at the Support site:


Thanks for the heads up, Nex. Can’t wait to try it out!

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We noted it elsewhere, but I wanted to report here as well - issue was fixed a few hours ago.

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