Bone dragon is aziris ! lol




I have this as well, even after closing and re-starting several times.


Came here to look for this. Same on the Xbox One. I’m too afraid to purchase it as I’m not sure which I’ll get. The Skullblade also shows a picture of a treasure map.


“Your soul is mine!” Said my Bonedra- Wha?

Too early for April fools… I do hope they fix this and give us the stated Bonedragon. The foe-fixes are starting to pile up… ><


Yeah, we’re aware of this problem and are currently looking into it. I’d suggest holding off on buying either item until we’ve fixed the issue.

If you absolutely must buy something, know that purchasing the “Bone Dragon” will earn you Aziris, while buying the “treasure map” will earn you a Skullblade.


I want my Glory back. I made the purchase before I knew about this issue. Please make Glory Refunds. Let me know if you need my account info. You could refund everyone’s Glory giving the ones who want Azris another chance to buy and the ones that didn’t want him their Glory back.


Refunds would be difficult. While we have data showing us who has what in their inventory, we don’t have data on when things were purchased. If somebody already owned Aziris before this issue, we’d have to give them a refund too simply because there’s no way to tell the difference between somebody who bought Aziris a month ago and somebody who meant to buy a Bone Dragon this morning.


Thank you, that will be fine. I hope the upcoming update will also fix the troop cards that are bugged .. Goblin Rocket hopefully will show up in my list also opened two or three they are invisible. The bugged cards I know are. Cursed blade, Goblin Rocket, Barbarus, there is probably others out there. I hope to see less bugs like in the pc version. I hope the update comes next week I’m excited about the 108 update. Hope to see 109. Soon as well.


I think you’re going to like the update. We haven’t released a full list of changes, but you can find a partial list of what we have planned for the update on this FAQ:


When I started the pc version back 3 months ago I noticed the special weapons are not showing in events as much._ except very few cash bundles. Hope you will continue to offer weapons in events. Also excited to see cards like Imp of love as the other Imps, Kingdoms and new Troops. Can you tell the pc devs to start having the special weapons available too? The updates needs another Glory Event weekly chest with the weapon choice of the week also. I missed the weapons offered last year. The extra chest needs to be for pc and console versions to give everyone a chance at what they missed. Also we need a trait stone chest._ only trait stones. Arcanes, Runics and Celestial’s only. Most Legendary cost 10+ in Arcanes.


The issue is fixed, you can buy Maps and Bone Dragon(s). Got my 6 so I can Mythic it when the Update happens :wink:


Excellent quick turn-around on that bug. I grabbed 10, just for fun.


Now what do I do with 6 mythic Bonedragons? Other then a silly Defence team, will the two extras be eventually useful?


I think most people are saving their extras just in case, but the devs had said they have no plans to add more rarities in the near future. If you’re the extra-cautious type then you could hang on to 6. Otherwise, you can disenchant down to 4 for the Souls.


I have not been disenchanting any of my Epics or Legends, just in case one day another level is added, but the ultras, rares, and commons I have been disenchanting :wink: They’re easily replaced.