Treasure maps missing from shop

The new news panel of a few days ago says treasure maps available in the shop for 25 glory each but they are not there. Is this a bug? Playing on xbox one.

The Glory Store on PS4/Xbox has been utterly broken since they f***ed up Goblin Rocket.

They say Kris Knife/Treasure Maps this week, then switched the Hero weapon to Skullblade a day later, and we now get Skullblade/Aziris instead…

Please don’t exaggerate. There was a text bug which incorrectly listed the Kris Knife - we changed it within a few hours to properly say Skullblade. We should have also removed the line about treasuremaps - those show up only on weeks without a weapon.

No bugs other than some incorrect text on the news page. Which we’re fixing now.


How did I exaggerate? I pretty much stated exactly the timeline of how the Store “evolved”.

If you are referring to my Goblin Rocket statement, it IS fed up. It’s not even on the Troop list. For the record, you guys fed up Barbearius too.

We have had exactly two issues with troops sold in the Glory Shop:

  1. Goblin Rocket cannot be displayed in the troop list.
  2. Barbearius’s spell causes an assertion in-game.

Neither of those are issues with the store, so your assertion that “The Glory Store on PS4/Xbox has been utterly broken since they f***ed up Goblin Rocket.” is an exaggeration.

I know that it was frustrating for the first two months that the console development had no way to communicate with folks, and so it wasn’t known whether or not concerns & problems were being heard and/or addressed. But now that we’ve taken steps to improve the level of direct communication, we should be more comfortable specifying the exact issues. The FAQ on the pipeworks page lists all known issues.

Watch out guys gems of war has just went from direct contact with pc users to also including direct contact with console users. This can only lead to one thing. Better user experience for console users.

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True that it’s a good thing that Consoles will be getting better support, it’s still miles behind the support for PC. Developers here like @Sirrian are polite and helpful and they tend to fix issues. For Consoles we get @Mr.Strange who reacts to every complaint like it’s a personal attack and they haven’t fixed a thing on the Console version.

i would admit that it might be their personalities. @Sirrian can act like a child sometimes and @Mr.Strange seems a little more like one of those ai from the matrix. However that is what i feel like they act like but i would love them to chime in.


Mind if I chime in?

Hi everybody, I’m Earnest “Nex” Cavalli, Pipeworks Community Specialist. Sorry for bursting into your conversation so abruptly, but I’m here to help facilitate better, more responsive, more transparent communication between you and the developers working on the PS4 and Xbox One versions of Gems of War.

From here on out, if you’ve got questions, comments, or concerns about the console versions of Gems of War, let me know! I may not be able to answer every question immediately, but you can trust that I’ll be working to ensure that all of your wants and needs are known to the people making the game.


Hello @Nex, welcome to the Forum.

I personally will be directing my queries to you since me and @Mr.Strange do not get along. He’s doing his job, and I’m a bit of an a**hole, so don’t take anything between him and I seriously.

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Please do! I’m happy to help.

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Any word on the plans to fix Goblin Rocket and Barbearius?

At this point, doesn’t matter if we have to wait until the Patch 1.0.9, just would like to know.

This is one of the reasons i love this game.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to wait quite that long.

Fixes for Goblin Rocket and Barbearius are coming in 1.0.85, which is schedule to arrive in early April. For more on what we have planned in that update, have a look at our recently-updated FAQ:

It still says treasure maps. How hard is it to correct one line of txt? You’ve already done it once by your own admission. It’s amazes me how many bugs this game has and how little the developers seem to be doing about it. Announcing 1.08 for consoles is pointless when you can’t even get 1.07 fixed properly.

Just checked this, and there is indeed text saying “Use Treasure Maps in Zhul’Kari…”

That text is there on purpose - we still want to encourage people to use the Treasure Maps they have. The problematic line (which we removed) was “Treasure Maps are available in the store…” that was an error, and we did successfully remove that text.

Let me just slip in and ask you about these so called bugs. What bugs are they and how do you obtain these bugs? I seem to either never encounter them or must be over looking them. Seeing as how easy it is to get the attention of the developers for the pc version your bugs must be console side which is run through a different set of developers and admins. There have been a ton of different changes since 1.0.7 so what ever bugs you have encountered since 1.0.7 have either not been addressed because no one mentioned them on the forums or are going to be addressed in future updates like the 2.0 version of the game.

The bugs have been mentioned on here many times. They’ve been happening since before 1.07 and some are new after 1.07. I have seen over 6 different error messages, if not more. Every time you attempt to do anything you get an error and have to click retry. The game used to be enjoyable but it’s now a chore to play because of the bugs.

If you’re going to port a game to another platform you need to make sure you have a dedicated team working on it and dealing with issues. Plus they should have beta tested it on consoles before full release. If they did they obviously didn’t do a good job.