Shopping with glory

When I go to the shop, there is nothing under the “event” tab, and there are no glory bundles for sale. Is it normal? I also noticed this last week, but then later in the week, the glory bundles appeared. I am on xbox.

I play on steam, so idk if works the same, but for glory bundles you have to click on the news button, right under the mail one.

Thanks. I tried that, but it doesn’t help. In the shop I only see three items for sale on the glory rewards tab: Souls, Treasure Maps, and Spoils of War. There are no special bundles there.
You’re right that in the Events tab (under the mail one) it advertises “Bird is the Word” to get Prince Azquila from the rewards tab, but he is not there.
Is it a bug? Do other console people have glory bundles this week?

I’m on playstation but both consoles have the same events right? So yes there are bundles. Prince AZ and Sir Gwayne…

Ugh, not for me :frowning:
I’ll cross post in the bugs section. Same thing happened last week, but Thurs or Fri the bundles showed up.

Sorry. Hopefully it shows up soon for you. I’m on here quite often and it seems X-BOX be having issues.

Not normal at all. I’m also the X1, everything is normal and has been all week.

  1. Try restarting your console using the left pane (FULL Reboot) Guide, Left Stick to Settings, Restart
  2. What country/Region are you in? might help support if they see this.

EDIT: You can create a ticket here:

The restart fixed it! Many thanks!!


Glad to hear this has resolved itself. If you ever encounter it again please feel free to take a screenshot and send it to our support here

Thank you! Possibly one simply needs to quit the game and reopen it at the beginning of the week in order to get the new shop items.


Yep yep! Always best to do that around reset in general.

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