Bone dragon question - ps4


Hello ,first post here . I was curious to know if the ps4 will get bone dragon troop.
BTW loving the game, me and missus play as much as we can.


Isnt it already on it? I think it is… And even if its not, devs have been putting troops from past events on the keys pool, you guys should be getting it soon.


Thanks for your reply… No I haven’t seen it yet…only been playing a few weeks. But I’ll keep a look out for it .cheers.


It hasn’t been intuitively clear for me, but can we only get the Event Monsters from the Magic Keys? I havn’t been seeing Bone Dragon from just Iron Keys either, but my guildie have confirmed getting one from Magic Key.


Past event troops are putted on the pool around 3-4 months after their “event” and can be found on either Iron or Magic keys, no idea for how long you have been playing so you could have actually got “past events troops” even not knowing they were part of an event. After I comeback home I will try to find for you guys which was the last troop from events to be released and which one is next.


One thing I checked was on troop list, all troops and it is not on there … I was unaware we could get special cards from magic keys . thanks for info. Ooh and if you could check if it has been already that would be ace.


Troops aren’t tied to keys, so you should be able to get event troops from both Iron Keys and Magic keys. Bone Dragon is a legendary so he will be harder to get.